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1 acre pond

Q-Team Inc

LawnSite Member
For the season pond installer....

I received a call from on of my customers today in regards to a letter I sent out to customers from last year. I stated in the letter that we will be doing pond installs this year.

Let me give you background. This customer is from Cali. He owns a ins. company and she is a actress. Bought a old farm for a retreat and are redoing it.

He say's I see you are doing ponds. The architect & I were talking about putting in a pond. I say how big and where? He says one acre. I said"Did you say 1 acre"? He's says yah.They plan to drill a separate well and everything. I told him the systems that we will be doing and ask him if he wants just a farm pond(dig hole and fill)? He said something that looks nice and we can have fish in.

So after I picked my jaw up off from the floor I told him lets meet when he comes up in April and talk.

This is the type of pond for Aquasacpe if you ask me. I would love to be involved on a project of this size. I've taken classes and read about everything you can read. But we haven't installed one yet. Obviously I have concerned because I have no "hands on" experience but there isn't anyone else local that does ponds.

Whats you advice? :confused:


LawnSite Senior Member
chicago suburbs
WOW! i dont know if i would take on a project like that with no real experience. what i would do is set it up as a sub-out job. just supervise it and charge the guy.


LawnSite Member
Q-team.... fly me in for 3 days and together we can have it done as long as you have the equipment rented and ready. Also need to have all the liner edging / rock / and pumps ready to go onsite. I can get you far enough along you would be able to finish without me there.

Oh ya,,,, why me ??? I want some Maine lobster !!!!! :D

My fee...... $600 + travel expenses & I give a limited lifetime guarantee on my workmanship.


LawnSite Member
Toronto, Canada
It can be done and filtered properly, do your research and go fo it. Our biggest to date is 80 x 50 with a constructed wetlands for filtration. Look how clean that water is.



LawnSite Gold Member
I would love to see the outcome of the pond, keep us updated through the process. Thats a sweet looking pond Bonzai...

I have a question though, how in the world do you fill it up with water? obvisouly going to take trucks of water, but my gosh, its gotta take sooo many truck fulls to fill up a one acre pond.... Also, how deep were you planning on going?

D Felix

LawnSite Bronze Member
A pond that size is probably better suited for no liner if you have clay soils. There's a lot of guys around here that put in farm ponds with nothing more than a bulldozer. I'm sure that's how our pond was put in 15+ years ago by the previous homeowner. It's ~3/4 acre, I calculated out once that there's well over 1.5 million gallons in it at full capacity.

I too would be interested in seeing how it turned out. A pond that size, unless it's only a couple of feet deep, will never be completely clear, but you can keep algea and weeds from growing in it, as long as it's aerated. It's just too impracticle to expect it to be completely clear!



LawnSite Member
(Zone 7a)
You may want to think about treating this more as a stormwater management pond, than an ornamental pond. I would suggest as much deep water (7' + ) as possible. I would also suggest spending the money on a design by an engineer (geotechnical or civil who is experienced in site desgin). There's a lot of liability involved in a proposition like this. Good luck! By the way, if a suitable synthetic liner is specified - more often than not, you can contact the manufacturer and they'll show up on site to show you how to properly install their product, because they have a vested interest in your success too.