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1 Acre residential


LawnSite Member
Longview, Texas
I got a call today for a 1 Acre job. the thing is I need some help on the pricing,It is very hilly. I would say that when you look at the property all you see is the roof about forty yards into the property and then the lake behind it. Now I am sure that it is a little flat closer to the water but how do I price something with a mamoth hill on it like this how much more do I add on to account for the hill.

KL Squared

LawnSite Member
Cartersville, Ga
It is hard to suggest a price without seeing the property. If the the property has a lake on it, how much extra trimming will be required? You said something about a mammoth hill. Is this hill so steep that you will have a problem cutting without eventually leaving ruts? I would start at a minimum of $85.oo nad go from there. As time goes on you will get faster cutting the lawn and know exactly how long it takes you to cut the lawn. Next year you can raise the price if you are too low this year.


LawnSite Senior Member
Central Va.
I don't see what the size of the hill has to do with it, an acre is an acre. How high can it be? If you are going to hurt your self or your equipment then pass on it. I had one of those once and droped it on the first cut. If your using a push mower then pass on it. LOL


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please give us more insite on this property to help you.

does it have trees?
does it have a steep hill?
anything to give us a better understanding in helping you with your bid...


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if its a lousy yard, bid high. if you get it, fine and dandy. if you don't, then you really didn't want it anyway.... i just did that yesterday... got a really crappy yard for 65. wont take long but its just a pita to me... goodluck.


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On a flat acre, with not too many trees, I'd go for $50 every other week, no trimming or edging. I'd figure my trimming, edging, and blowing onto that. If you can do the hill "comfortably" on a ZTR, I'd probably do it for that price. If you will have to use a trimmer or a push mower, or any other method because the developer who graded the lot was an idiot . . . you know what to do. Also consider, like someone mentioned ealier, the water front. Those can eat some time because as the lake goes up and down it can really increase your trimmer time because of the soft ground near the water where you can't get a mower near.
One more consideration is that a lot of times, there are drainage problems with places built into hills and all that.

Davis Lawn Mowing LLC.

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Owosso, MI
I would bid at least $50 per week, more than likely $75. Depending on waterfront and trimming issues, that sounds about right. Bid high if it is a sucky yard and if you dont get it, you save yourself a headache each week.


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I have no idea where the majority of these guys who post are coming from--because I am from fort worth texas and here we charg anywhere from $25-$45 just for a regular residential yard and when you start talkin about an acre then its $50 dollars a mow not $50.00 every other week but then again like I said that is here in Fort Worth Texas

Expert Lawns

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I have an account that is 1 acre. No trimming, no trees, no hills. Straight mowing. I charge $45.00 for that. If this account has steep hills, and multiple trees, I would go no less than $65.00


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NW, Iowa
Just bid a 1 acre condo complex. Mowing, trimming weekly, edging walks & parking lot monthly, $45.00 / time and lost the bid!