1 acre with 22"

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by 24ON48OFF, Mar 9, 2005.

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    Just a piece of important advice for you APP Landscape since you are new to the board and all. You say the above and on here you use the word Landscape in your name. Just in case you don't know if you do Landscaping or even just use the word Landscape in your business then NC REQUIRES that you have an additional State Issued Landscape License from the NC Landscape Contractors Board. Doing this work or using Landscape in your business name without it is a violation of NC Law. If you only cut grass and do say minor stuff like replenshing mulch and pulling weeds you don't need it, BUT again if you simply use the term Landscape in your business name or say you do landscaping then you must have it, period. If you have it you are covered if you don't you better see if you qualify with the requirement they have and if you don't then you'll need to address that part of your name/business. You can find the website right off the State of NC Official website under Licensing Boards.

    Good luck.
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    24 Just do it and see what happens, time yourself and bring plently of H2O, I did 2 acres with a 36" no sulky...kicked my a$#, but I learned something....sulky came in today.....enjoy, today is perfect for your job...
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    I went over and talked to the guy, told him I didnt have big equipment and he said I can use his rider for a while. I did the job, he wanted it bagged and told him it would be $100. He said I thought it would at least be $100 or more. He wrote me a check and told me to meet him at his business office the next morning. Now I am in the market for a large walk behind. Any suggestions on what to look for. I found a 36" Encore walk behind for $1700. Should I get it or wait until I have a couple more large accounts. It would be useless for the other accounts I have now. I couldnt even get it in their back yards. Thanks for all the input.
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    In the end its your choice if you think its worth it.

    Even if you only got an 18" effective cut with your 22" mower, it looks like this to me:

    1/ if the mower is self propelled, it should go about 2.5 mph
    2/ at this speed, it should take you 2.2 hrs to cut that 1 acre if it were open area.
    3/ add time to cut around the 25 trees at an average time of 0.5 minutes, so it takes about 12-15 minutes of total tree cutout time.
    4/ total time for the job should be 2.4 hrs using these numbers.

    With a little more bite from the mower (20") then it would be 2.1 hrs total time.

    So you should pull in about $37/hr gross pay.

    Your choice, but I'd stay away from spring and fall cleanup with those oaks. You will NEVER make a dime at this rate!

    My $0.02. ;)

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