1 great or 2 cheap?

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by NonStop, May 30, 2006.

  1. NonStop

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    I don't know if anyone ever thought about this, but Tractor Supply has the 'commercial' Swisher 60" ztr for about half the price of a new exmark, deere, scag or kabota same size. So I could buy two of these mowers and if something happened to one, just use the other one while the first is being fixed.

    Now, I've done my research and I know the TS mowers can be garbage and I'll probably be going with a kabota since the service on those here is awesome. But as a newbie to the hustle, I'm beating my head against the trailer with the temptation to save a buck. :dizzy:

    Any thoughts?

    Also, I've got a chance at a Quick 36" thats manual turn for $1800 new. Dealer ordered one and customer backed out now he's stuck with it. How 'bout it?
  2. J&R Landscaping

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    There is a reson they are cheap! Where will you get the machine serviced? Where will you buy parts? Who handles the warranty What is the warranty coverage?

    Not trying to be harsh but you are going to get what you pay for!

    Go to a local dealer and get it from someone who knows the ins and outs of what they sell! They will be there to back you up if you have any problems! Plus, when it comes time to get the machine serviced, it won't get put in the "bought at home depot, lowes, sears, or tsc pile"! If you buy it, the dealer will leave it sit and sit and sit until he can't stand looking at it anymore! It ain't saving you no money when it is in the shop for 2-3+ weeks!
  3. NonStop

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    Actually our TSC has a shop located practically right next to it that services them. Others have told me that the shop does a pretty good job because they know that your mower is what brings in your money.

    Like I said, I'll prolly go w/ an orange or green mower, but just thinking about buying two mowers for the same price as one kills me.
  4. Runner

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    It goes much deeper than that. there are so many things that LOOK the same, but you would be amazed at how many components there are, let alone so many other parts. The hydro pumps, the motors(hydro), the fittings, the electrical componentry, and even the simple hardware aren't even CLOSE to being the same. You just don't know and realize what all can go wrong on these mowers until yu own one and experience it falling apart under your seat. Do yourself a favor and don't be doofed on these "just as good" or "just about as good" machines.
  5. All_Clear

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    Thats because the thought of saving a buck is what lures people into buying these mower.

    To be honest it's going to cost you more in the long run... maybe alot more then you think.
    Let just say you bought 2 cheap ones... what happens when they both have problems and become null, meaning it going to cost more to fix a problem on the cheapie then the entire unit is now worth.
    Now on the other hand these true commercial units have a high initial value, decline over time and level off... The craftsmanship of these true commercial units make them worth while to fix and keep running, not to mention the service of the commercial units from a true dealer.

    This means your out the money for initial cost of the 2, now it costs more to fix the units then their worth... Leaving you to either pi$$ away money and hope nothing else breaks soon, just to make back some money you spent to fix the unit... Or you end up having to buy something else and after the problems you had with the last units you wont want to bother again, you'll be looking for what you should have bought to begin with.

    An educated buy is always best.... Temptation will only bite you in the end.

    Seems you have your answer already and are just trying to justify it.

    Good luck with whatever you choose!
    All Clear
  6. Scag413

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    I hate to sound a like everyone else but they are right. Those two mowers will lose you more money in the long run over just the one mower. The "just the one mower" will be built heavier, stronger, will mow faster, better, it will mow in wet grass but the two mowers will just cause you a headache. Good Luck with whatever you choose though.
  7. topsites

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    I agree, a lot of times what they do is save money on the steel by producing a thinner deck because steel is very expensive. You might be hard pressed to tell the difference between an 8-gauge and a 7-gauge deck until 5-8 years down the road, the thick deck is doing dandy while the thinner one is falling apart as all decks tend to crack over the years. Like you said, it literally falls apart from under you.

    As for 2 cheap versus one great, if it's all the same money, I would sure hate to find out just how much of a POS they are and worse still to be stuck with two... I'd get the great and you can always rent Z's and Wb's by the day from rent-a-centers in a pinch, they're not cheap to rent but might save you for a few days, it won't hurt that bad... Or see about finding a used Wb for around a thousand, a 48" would be a nifty backup machine.
  8. NonStop

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    I've made my decision. And I'm not trying to bring the heat to these mower companies.

    However, I think it should say something to them that a guy with 8 grand in his pocket would rather buy one mower than two the same size. Hopefully a few of them are reading these posts. But then again, I'm a noob... :hammerhead:
  9. Palmer'sLS

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    Do yourself another favor non-stop, and stop by and see Billy at charlottesville power equipment, they are down on east market street. He treated me really fair, and if you act now, you can get a mini-z from hustler for 5995 out the door. If you research on this site you will find that the hustler is a good mower. Just tryin to help you out
  10. maxkicker

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    derek at security equipment got me a grevely 152z for $5250 with the 25hp kohler last year, they may have gone up slightly but its the best tractor ive used yet for residental
    thats in maryland though right off the beltway
    if you call derek tell him jason from j&m sent yah

    gravely is sponcered so i assumed i could advertise ??????

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