1 lb k per 1000 on fescue/blue/rye

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    In Kentucky, the dept of agriculture recommends 3 applications of nitrogen at the of rate 1lb per 1000 sq ft in the fall from august to October ...i have done this for years using 46-0-0-and have great looking lawns .If i do another app now ,,while the grass has slow growth or even dormant. will i waste fert or will the grass/roots utilize the e-tra fert .lots of company's here try the ole winterize trick.i was wandering if i do it heavy will it benifit the lawn or am i better off cutting back the rate and just call it winterizer .
  2. What is the university recommended amount of total n for the year?
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    Im not sure if KY is similar to New England, but I would not apply a 46-0-0 as a winter fertilizer, around here a very popular late fall fert, BTW is very beneficial to new plant growth and early spring green up, is a 18-2-18, or 25-5-10 with very little slow release. Ive used T-19 and have great results with that.

    We never hooked up on the phone this fall, we kept playing tag, Im not sure I saved your number, so call me sometime, winter hrs for me in the office is
    MON-TH- FR from 8:30-4pm,

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