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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by lawn crafters, Jan 17, 2011.

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    so heres the thing, i am looking at many new trucks to buy and am puzzeled on what is the best idea. here is breifly what my choices are and f350, 3500hd 1 ton dump with a 9ft dump. or a f350 12ft stake body dump.

    truck will be used for cutting (I bag), mulch, leaf cleanups, loam, and snow plowing sanding.

    i am leading to a stake body, however with a plow and a sander i dont know if a stake body is the right choice. like how much more material could i hold in a stake body versus a 9ft dump, and how are the stake bodies to plow with.
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    I'd skip the stake body and get a mason/contractors dump body instead. Try to find one with drop-sides too. Makes life much easier.

    As for the truck I personally would get a cab and chassis of some sort as the frame rails on the back are set at an industry standard for a multitude of beds and equipment. It also is much easier to install a bed.

    With a mason dump also, you can get an undertailgate spreader to skip the V-box for winter. Snoway makes a good electric unit if the truck you buy doesn't have central hydraulics.
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    ive got an f550 with a 12' grain/stake dump. i love it. i can fit so much in it. if you going to plow, its alot of truck. it turns like a school bus. im not having good luck with ford and parting ways on future trucks. if your buying new, if it has the metal tank behind the rear axle, see if you can get a them to give you something in writing for a warranty on the fuel tanks. the problem is getting so big, i know lots of people it has happened too. its typically at least $3k in damage when it whipes out your injection system. the kicker is, we are all going through it for the 2nd time with the "redesigned" new tank. my new tank only lasted 2 years, 14K miles.

    my $0.02 points you towards a GM. 12' bodies are great until you plow unless you do large commercial areas. a mason dump will give you better visibilty and better turning radius. good luck

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