1 Ton Dumptrucks

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by hayzer912, Dec 12, 2005.

  1. hayzer912

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    Hello, everyone. I am trying to find a dealer in the northeast that sells one ton dumptrucks. Does anyone know of any???? Also, any advice on brands is appreciated! Happy Holidays .
  2. JB1

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    any dealer out there sells what your looking for..
  3. 6'7 330

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    Go to any Chevy,Gmc,Ford,Dodge dealership.If they don't have one on the lot,they can order it for you.
  4. Gravel Rat

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    You go buy the brand of truck you want which will only be Ford or Chevy as Dodge doesn't offer a true cab and chassis. Once you got your chassis you want you order a dump box through a outfitter or you buy a box from places like Rugby manufacturing and you install the box.

    The biggest thing you have to watch with dealers if they are selling used dumps is covered up junk. I mean new flashy paint jobs etc trying to cover up a truck thats been damaged or has been used for plowing and its a rust bucket under the new paint.

    As for 1 tons keep in mind once you put a dump body on there is not much "legal" payload left. You may want to consider a 1.5-2 ton from Ford or Chev or a cab over truck like a Hino.

    Another option is a low pro conventional cab Hino is making one from the stuff I read it sounds like they are designing a good light medium duty truck in the 16,000lb gvw and greater.
  5. Jimbo046

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    I agree with gravel rat......if you are going to be going to quarries you must buy a chassis that you can legally haul a payload. my friend has a 4x4 f-350 dump that can legally haul 400 POUNDS!!!!!!!! I'll never (try hard not to) buy another ford chevy or dodge. The f-450 and f-550 could work for you but i'm not impressed. the dealer assembled dumps start at 40k! and go to over 50k sticker price. I just put together a freightliner fl-60 low pro. I shortened the frame and installed a 12' dump with fold down sides in can haul 4.9 tons and it get as good of fuel mileage as a f-350. I has a 5.9 cummins allison auto a 1997 with 130,000 miles new bed hoist and hitch I have 17K in it. I also have a mitsubishi fuso fh and a ud 1800 they both can haul 3.9 ton. If you go with the big 3 go ford, I'm not a powerstroke fan but i think they have to best all around truck...dodge has the engine the cummins and chevy doesn't do anything for me. all the americans are just selling you big pick-up trucks....these trucks really aren't going to be as trust worthy and long lasting if you are pulling alot of weight and loading heavy. If you can find a truck trader magizine there should be at least 10 dealers for each truck you want to look at. Good luck bud.
  6. Dirty Water

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    I really like the FreightLiner FL-70's...but I think you need a CDL to operate them?

    I agree that 1-ton dump doesn't make much sense, If you can't do a real commercial dump, then look at the Chevy 4500 and 5500 trucks.
  7. ksss

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    Unless your mostly hauling mulch or something like that your really limiting yourself. Combine that with the fact you lose the ability to tow a machine behind a loaded 1Ton (legally). The very lightest I would go would be a 33K single axle dump. You need a CDL but thats not a big deal. I've got a 5500 crew cab 4X4 flat bed no dump. Great truck so far.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    It all depends on what you want to haul and how much you haul but if you want a all around truck where you still can load the truck by hand etc a low pro will work fine.

    There is a dealer on the West Coast of B.C. that is putting dump bodies,hooklifts etc on the new Hino conventional cabs they look like they would be a perfect little truck. The cab isn't overly huge so it doesn't look like a regular medium duty with 19.5 wheels.

    One of the big problems with the F-550s and F-450s is they are pigs on fuel the PSD really isn't that fuel efficient. They will haul a decent load and you can still use them as a personal use truck.

    I really find the F-450 F-550 don't make good dump trucks they are more for a mechanics truck or a delivery truck or tow truck. Trying to use a F-450/550 for a dump truck you really can't haul enough as the weight of the material is the limit.

    You move up to a 5 ton single axle dump then all you can do is haul dirt you can't use the truck to clean up someones yard like loading the truck up with tree branches etc. Unless you build a 5 ton truck with a hooklift system so you can drop a bin onto the ground load it up and haul it away but then your looking into big dollars. Now you have your CDL you might aswell buy a tandem as its just as cheap to operate and a used tandem costs pretty close to the same as a good shape single with a 35,000lb gvw. If you have a tandem then you can get some extra work production hauling.

    So its damn'ed if you do and damn'ed if you don't each truck has its pro's and cons. A regular 1 ton is brakes you can beef the suspension up to haul a little more but you can't do anything with the lack of brakes. The older trucks with disk/drums just don't stop you get a heavy load in it. The newer trucks have 4wheel disk brakes so they stop a little better but you still have the lighter suspension.

    It all depends on what you want to do you can make a 1 ton work if you make the dump body light as possible so use aluminum and use a telescoping front mount post hoist. The scissor hoist adds 400-500lbs to the truck that you don't need a post hoist weighs 200lbs at most.
  9. Jimbo046

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    I'm starting to like this site! My opinion is if you can haul 5 ton load the truck with a mini track loader, fold down sides for skids, and haul a 10,000 trailer, and get 12-13 miles per gallon what else would you want? I totally disagree with the tandem axle route, I'm a firm believer you are either in the landscape business or trucking business.....with a tandem your in the trucking business and I don't car where you live you'll never make as much money trucking as you can landscaping. I just had 5 23-25 tons loads hauled to my shop for about $120.00 a load plus material, the haul was over 20 miles! I would lose money if i had to pay for that truck and spend my time driving it. In PA a tandem would cost around 1200 dollars a year to register need a cdl needs inspected twice a year, and forget about ever hauling over weight! you'll have to stop at weight stations, get about 7 miles per gallon, oil changes could take 4-5 gallons on oil. tires cost 300-500 dollars each. most guys would have to have a tire company come change a tire! my dad is a deisel mechanic, I would agree you could buy a used one for the price of a used pickup these days (I think anyone that spends 40k on a pick-up is not investing his companies money wise). I just put a scissors on my freightliner and I agree a would post hoist would weight less but the scissor is so easy to install and you don't have any extra fabrication on bed and truck frame. A 1 ton 350 type truck is near worthless for me, if you ony have a few or one truck get the best all around truck you can, for me it would be a ud1800, ud2300lp or a mitsubishi fh/fe180 maybe even a mitsu fg140 if you want 4x4. good luck bud!

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    If you are looking for a light dump, the only body I would look at is Henderson. They are made likea heavy haulr, and include a telescopic ram inside a dog cage at the bulkhead of the box. They have 45° angles inside th drop sides, eliminating many of the problems some drop side trucks have.

    The floors are 3/16" plate and they work off a PTO not a weak electric lift. The telescpic ram blows scissors lifts away, even though if you had to get one., Rugby makes a pretty good lift.

    Truck wise, Ford stopped making automatic transmissions that will do any real work years ago, so if you have to get a Ford, don't get an automatic transmission.

    You can't beat a 4500-5500 series GM vehicle in a light truck. In a heavy truck, the only one I will ever buy is a Mack. For heavy use, not only do they own the market, you can't kill them.

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