1 whl Velke cocked hard to one side


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I have seen posts in the past that talk about the bushings on the 1 wheel Velke wearing out. If I am standing on it the left side of the platform practically hits the ground. To finish the lawn I had to put all my weight on the right side of the platform. Is this a result of a worn bushing at the hitch? This velke has about 250 hours on it. I am about 215 lbs. Is this normal wear and tear due to my weight on a one wheeler?




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Probably is. Wiggle it, and there should be no play in it. You should be able to stand on either side with all your weight and it shouldnt move at all. They are easy to replace. The best way is to remove the grease fitting and bang them both out one side. A 1/2 inch deep socket and a sledge hammer should do it.


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Not necessarily.

The wheel also would have some sort of bushings and bearings as well as an axle.

It would be like taking a shower and putting your dirty underwear back on if you don't ensure the axle is still solid as it should be.

Tons of good sacrificial bushings have been worn out prematurely because the harder axle was not replaced at the same time.(or when needed)

Bushings usually brass- a soft metal, are to prevent the axle and the mount- both much harder steel from grinding each other. Too infrequent servicing and you can't do anything with it.

A classic example is the front caster assbly. Most scrubs don't change them once a year. The bushings are in the holder that the stem of the wheel fork penetrates through. Next itme you see a fork come off to change height, see if the stem coesn't appear to have a knitting needle look to it. The hole int he holder will also be oval shaped. At that point a bushing set will wear very fast .

Same thing for the wheels we use in this industry. Rim, bearing cup for insertion of bearing cartridge, spacer fits over axle, axle, and roller bearing. It's nice to replace the roller bearing, but you're sending it to an early grave if you dont replace the spacer or the axle. If they dont appear symetrical, they arent any good.

Don't replace the right stuff when you service this kind of stuff and you're wasting time and money and will invariably wear out more differetn parts quickly.


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250 hours on a sulky will usually have all the bushings worn out.I have had them wear out much sooner. Most of the sulkys on the market use way too small bushings. The Bull Rider uses large pins and roller bearings, but I dont like their overall sulky design.

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