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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rmartin, Oct 22, 2003.

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    This is my first year as an owner of my own part-time business. I gained my knowledge from working at a professional golf course for a couple years. My equip, includes a 2003 lesco 48' walkbehind, a 12' trailer and the normal blowers, edgers etc. My question is that i am a part-time landscaper. i do not depend on this $$$ for my income , how do i go about getting new business for next year. My area is flooded with the fulltime companies. I would like to add 4-5 more accounts. Do i drop my prices to compete with the other companies.
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    maybe look in shop an area just a few mile out from were you are located. sometimes 20 minutes or 30 minutes from your location can make a huge difference and you may not be stepping on any of the big dog's toes. they really hate that and could start a bad mouthing you and ruin you reputation that way. dont really know if this helps.
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    If this is your first year, and mainly in lawn care, try to encourage your current customers to promote you. Offer discounts to those who refer you and get you additional business.
    Make sure to make your name appear anywhere you can put it. On your clothes, on your trucks, in flyers, everywhere. Soon people will start to recognize it. Always keep it professional though, and people will get a nice image of what you are.
    We just started this year, and our name is starting to get out there, and we are getting referred to more and more people. We are building our business on quality service with family values. People compliment us all the time on how personable we are, and polite when we talk to the customers. It puts us a step up of other LCO's whose workers cannot even talk to the customers if they had to. Basically, find out what your customers like, and try to give it to them.
    Good luck

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