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$10.00 lawn cutting

Metro Lawn

LawnSite Silver Member
I was looking through the paper to check for my ad, and there it was. Another lawn service proudly stating $10.00 Lawn Cutting. Gee, no wonder I haven't gotten any calls..lol


LawnSite Silver Member
Morgantown, WV
Call the guy up and tell him you have 100 lawns you want done for 10.00 each, sit back and take it easy this year...LOL!!!!


LawnSite Senior Member
That happens every year. There will be some catch to it such as $10 for the first 5k and $25 per 10k after that, and no trimming or blowing is included, etc.


LawnSite Senior Member
the south
Im usually pretty calm, but those kinds of ads make me want to go Bobbygedd on people. Scrubs like that deserve a shovel upside the head. Ya he wont take any of our existing business from us, but he will slow down the expansion of our business. those scrubs will pick up 100 new lawns with that ad and thats 100 new lawns that we cant charge the going rate for.:blob2:


LawnSite Senior Member
wow, that's low. Maybe I should call him to service my accounts and collect the difference....

I bet that's a kid or something looking for arcade money.


LawnSite Bronze Member
No, that's someone who thinks 8-10 bucks an hour is big money.