10,000 lawn renovations in WI--whatever

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by TX Easymoney, Sep 21, 2012.

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    A lawn customer of ours (who happens to owe money from May) calls me on our emergency phone line- over and over, 9times over 15 minutes (I missed the first call and read the transcribed text message so I knew who it was from and what she wanted--I was busy in a meeting with a client, so I turned my phone off).

    then I get an email from her--about this amazing amount of work in WI :rolleyes:--read below--

    "My one hundred calls. I got a letter in the mail today from a friend I've had since Kindergarten. Lori said because of the drought, her entire yard died and they're getting a quote on from a landscaper. She lives in WI and mentioned 10,000 homes with dead yards. I suggested first, given their extreme weather that changes and worsens from year to year, putting in first an irrigation system. Hmmm...but then it also freezes which would mean terrible leaking and pipes bursting.

    I thought of XXXX doing this kind of work because you deal with that stuff all the time here. You'd be most knowledable, experienced, and efficient in seeding or reinstalling yards house by house. A gold mine of money. Take I35 all the way up to Madison, WI and you're there -ten hours later.

    Thing is, it's cool now, but it starts to snow sometimes at Thanksgiving and for sure until May. Not a lot of time to do such crazy bulk work. You'd love the soil though. It's easy to work with and every October around Halloween it rains. What a fantastic two month project. Just before the holidays. The logistics of it, I don't know. How realistic? Your guess is best.

    Just thought you and your men would be perfect for the job. Let the locals tend to their farms, pigs and cattle. We need milk! California is not America's Dairyland."

    There you have it, all the work you can do--who says times are tough? and I knew there were no lawn guys already in WI :dizzy:, so the market must be wide open to anyone!

    now go to work and get some!
  2. kawakx125

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    apparently she doesn't think there are LCO's in WI?
  3. KrayzKajun

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    Im loading up my trailers now!! WI here i come lol. Some people are nuts. Atleast they were thinking about you.
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  4. Dylan's Lawn Care

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    I must live in the wrong part of WI where does she live lol. I have 2 customer yards and 5 within block of my house that are gone not going to come back. I approached all of them and they pretty much thought I was nuts when I gave a price.
  5. TX Easymoney

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    people mean well--they just don't know what it takes to do what she is describing--

    We mostly have contract customers, so it makes it pretty difficult to go outside our city, not to mention out of state to do work-

    We had all three joe's Crab Shacks here in Austin for about 11 or so years and they tried to get us to drive to San Antonio to service stores there--drive time of over an hour each way, not accounting for traffic--nutty idea to even try-

    one time deal? maybe...regular work? no way, all it takes is one emergency call on a Friday and your whole weekend is shot--not for me!

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