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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by T.E., Mar 8, 2003.

  1. T.E.

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    I,m planning on putting out 10,000 to 20,000 flyers in the local paper. Plus I've got two ads in the classified in two different newspapers what response should I expect? Thanks T.E.
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    I assume you're looking to go full time in one season huh? Response rate for fliers is about 1%. You might not land all of those jobs (if you are your prices are probably too low) but that is the response rate.
  3. T.E.

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    I should have made myself more clear I have been in the biz. for many years starting in 1986. Yet i have had a job full time also, but I got laidoff from my job and I don't wont to change my lifestyle so I need to go all out.
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    I'm not sure, but that 1 to 2% rule may apply more to a DIRECT type of marketing, such as a flyer left on a door or a postcard that's mailed as opposed to a flier stuffed in the middle of a paper.

    I would think that the response from a flyer stuck into a paper would be less. However, with the amount of fliers you're talking about, you should still get a pretty good response!.

    Have you already looked into what it's going to cost you to have 20K fliers made up and put into the newspaper? Probably not going to be cheap.

    You might want to try the 10K first and see how that goes. If you still need/want more work, do another 10K a month later.
  5. roscioli

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    For comparison my local paper charges $38/1000 to distribute if I print them. It was $42/1000, but apparantly was negotiable after they quoted me a different price for this year.
    I did 8000 last year, and got about 90 valid calls from it. Very small paper, and I planned with the paper for this to be the only distribution on that particular day. Now, 80 of those calls turned to estimates, and 45 to jobs. So thats a 1.12% response rate, and a 0.56% actual job rate.
    8000 fliers at $42/1000 was $336
    8000 fliers at $.06 each printing was $480
    $816 total cost for 45 jobs.
    Jobs ranging from spring cleanup to full service maintenance. I could have been more "on the ball" as far as landing more of those 80 estimates had I had the time, my rate could have been up by 80%.

    This years rates will be cheaper for me for both distribution and printing, and I will have more time to follow up on estimates. I expect my per job cost to be down by about $15. In my estimation for a small local paper like mine, this is by far the best advertising route.
  6. smburgess

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    Great post, nice to see actual numbers - it really puts it into prospective.
  7. walker-talker

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    Absolutely right, great post!!!

    I also think that gogetter is correct, I would expect lower than 1% response rate when dealing with newspaper inserts. Most post that say a 1% response rate was from marketing direct.

    Good luck
  8. roscioli

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    Thank you guys...
    Oddly, I recieved a better response when I drove around and put them into newspaper boxes myself, but it must have been a coincidence, just doesn't make sense. I am trying both methods again this year, so I will see if the same happens. Let me know if I can help you guys out at all, just pm me.

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