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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by DPKutter, Jan 28, 2012.

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    I never said anything about passing out flyers once your established. The OP asked about passing them out in a new non established area. Maybe the guy in your area is doing something wrong to keep having to put out flyers year after year. You can call shannigans all you want with my example, but it does work cause I have done it. I actually made more than 50k from passing out flyers last year. I track every call that comes in and determine where I get the most bang for my buck. Referrals work well to, but when your new to an area it is tough. The main reason why people switch to my services is because they are not happy with their previous provider not because my price is lower. I am usually higher priced. I see many companies that offer cheap services and have had potential clients tell me they did not hire that company cause the price was too cheap.
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    Have you had your flyers printed yet? We've have a lot of good specials running right now at Adeas & ways to take your flyers and especially door hangers to the next level (to really get noticed in the new territory) I'm talking about our revolutionary Band-It & Stick It attachments. Take a look at our video to learn more & call us if you are looking for a good printer. We are family owned & love making our customers happy!

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    I have gotten nearly 4 percent response rate to fliers. The trick is to have a well designed flier that represents you well. It should be professional in appearance but also eye catching and present some personality.

    I still use fliers, not because I need more clients, but because the fliers can bring in the most worthy clientele, either high end full service customers or clients interested in investing in large projects to improve their property.

    J.A.L.G. If you have never used fliers why do you think that they will not work?
    Many of us in this business can tell you that the fliers have been essential to building their clientele.
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    Hmmm pizza hut dominos and papa johns all flyer. Oh wait I believe trugreen scotts and countless other flyer every year too I guess it doesn't work though...
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    Just finished ordering my 10,000 flyers from a company in NY. They were much cheaper than anyone around my Indiana area. I paid $345.00. They should be here in three days, so early next week I'll be hitting the neighborhoods.
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    I tried door hangers last year and that went ok. Got just under 1% return. Most of mine has come from signs in stores and such. Last year was my first year so I have learned a few things. I will be doing many more door hangers. One thing I am going to do is have a local pizza place stick a flyer to every pizza box they send out . They are clients of mine so I give them a break on there service. Plus anyone who walks in will see my work.
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    Smart idea, I may do that myself. It keeps the advertisement localized!
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    That is a good idea! Have it just taped right on top of the box. I have used plan-it graphics for all my stuff and have been very happy.
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    Maybe he is still growing his business. I wouldn't think its fair to suggest he's doing something wrong or going after the wrong clients just because he's advertising.

    With all due respect to you, maybe you operate a smaller service and you are not wanting to add that much new business. Referrals may take care of attrition only, but may not be enough to meet future projected growth goals for his business.

    All companies that want to grow budget and spend money on marketing and advertising. You might think this is a bad comparison, but look at McDonald's, Taco Bell, Budweiser, etc. They all advertise and so should most companies.

    Good luck to everyone this year.

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