10-15 years debris removal


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We moved into a 1.5-acre property with a high concentration of Oak and Pecan trees. We're pretty shaded. There are so many acorns on top of and embedded into the soil that the grass will not grow in large, very shaded areas. I can landscape rake them out but the part I'm primarily concerned about is 0.5 acres.

What device should be used for embedded debris removal? It would be attached to the back of my mower.
  1. Landscape rake
  2. harrow rake
  3. power brush
  4. pull behind dethatcher
  5. tine wheel acreage rakes
Each item has pros and cons, but my primary concern is immediate embedded debris removal and 1-2x yearly upkeep. It would initially be used on 0.5 acres and possibly expanded to all 1.5. I have a hard time finding any information about embedded debris removal over just compacted grass removal. The large bristled automatic power brushes looked amazing but a bit beyond my price range if any of the others have the capability as well.

I am already getting either a lawn sweeper or a vac. I feel like the vacuum would be easier and much less time-consuming, but the cost makes me hesitant when I can just pull the sweeper behind the mower.

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Sounds like my buddy's yard, just 3 times as big.

I would think the pull behind dethatcher would do the least amount of damage to the turf.

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