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    This is just one requirment. you would not be able to set the start time, finish time, how many hours a week they work, who they mow on what day, how they dress, and on and on. Are you going to have 1 truck, 1trailer, mower and other equipment for each man because it will be hard to explain 2 contract laborers working in the same truck. Also you would have to show the money they pay you to lease as income. If they are leasing your equiptment I doubt that you insurance company is going to cover them, they will want them to have their own policys. If I put some thought into it I'm sure I could think of other things. I don't mean to sound negative but it seems like a paperwork nightmare. I would think it would be easier to pay the taxes with no worries about it coming back to haunt you
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    I use "contract labor" for my sod jobs, since they bring their own tools...and set their own hours. If they don't show up when I need them, I don't use them again. The one big problem with contract labor is the whole insurance issue.
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    If you look at the IRS web site you can find the rules for subcontract labor. It is very clear. The only thing you can furnish them is the work, and the standards that it has to meet. You cannot "legally" furnish them a pencil to fill out there paper work.
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    Yes I agree with all of you...
    If push comes to shove I wouldn't be able to get away with it because really the law would recognize the intent.

    Just training myself to think outside the box. It doesn't matter anyway. I use subs for various things and I'm going legit with the paying of employer taxes for employees I hire this year.

    Thanks for the input.

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