10% Ethanol Free Gas not available for boats in my area

Discussion in 'Alternative Fuel Forum' started by diyer999, Jul 29, 2013.

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    The rebuild kit for mine was $8. But my dealer is also a walbro dealer. Through dolmar it would of been like $70, through walbro it would been way less. All marinas have ethanol free gas. Also a service station near me is somehow selling ethanol free gas. Don't know how they are getting away with it.
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    I took my handheld stihl blower into Ace hardware for service because it was lacking power and difficult to start. Checked the spark plug, changed the air filter and even messed with the little dials didn't know what to do because the thing is less than a year old. So I broke down and took it to the little Ace hardware who happens to sell stihl products and hoped they would not charge me an arm and a leg to figure it out. They called me the next day to go pick it up. The repair tag said that the exhaust was cleaned out and to use premium gas.

    So I went searching around and found 91 octane containing 10% ethanol. (For years I have been using 87 octane). The first tool I had a chance to try the mixture out on was my Less Easy start Stihl Hedge trimmer. Normally the thing is difficult to start and sounds like it is threaten to die and seems to have a difficulty. Man oh man I am so glad I made this change because it was like I hade a new machine. The sluggishness was gone. The idle was true and I held my machine with confidence.
    My Honda HRR mower runs faster than it normally would at the same throttle setting.
    I am so glad to have this site with all ya all in it giving a smorgus-board of ideas.cool2:
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    That's because ethanol has replaced MBTE. Areas with low population never had MBTE so they don't need to have ethanol. MBTE was designed to cut air pollution but later deemed horrific for groundwater. That's when its use was discontinued and it was replaced with ethanol.
  4. CL&T

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    Why do you say that? There is no law that says they can't sell ethanol free gas.
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    Boat guys take the ethanol thing more seriously than guys on this site. Chances are the marina people who answer the phone have no idea what they are talking about
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    I'm in NY also on the river and I know of no marinas that sell ethanol free(E0). I think it's a matter of what they can make the most money selling. I agree that there are some boaters who take the ethanol issue seriously but for the most part I have the feeling that most around here are ya hoos and will only want to pay the cheapest price to get drunk on the river.

    I'm also confused as to what ethanol free actually costs and who's making money. There are stations in upstate NY (Fastrack) that sell 93 ethanol free and the last I looked it was priced lower than the 93 E10 sold downstate where I am. And by the way, every time I went by one there was at least two guys with pickups filling around 10 five gallon gas cans each.

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