10 things your landscaper won't tell you

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    I hate reading crap like that. It lumps us all into one category and vilifies all for the actions of a few. Any time a customer says they know more about the yard than me or insinuates I am trying to be dishonest I simply reply "you know what? I don't think you're quite ready to let somebody else handle your yard. Have a great day". It really is too bad you never hear about the idiotic things "expert consumers" do and say on a daily basis.:usflag:
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    Pick out the section of new sod that you want to live, and put the water there.
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    4) My truck does not leak oil so don't blame your driveway stain on me

    3) Stop writing 5-page emails with bullet point lists of items still to be completed

    2) No problem Mrs. Smith, I'm happy to spend another 20 minutes re-explaining every detail of your project to your husband because he decided to be late for our appointment

    1) It is not cute when your kids/dogs run through my wet concrete
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    Can you please pickup your dog **** thanks
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    Pay me my money! No money, no mow. Well, actually I'll tell you that. A new customer got mad today because I said I need my money at the time of service, when I had already explained this to them before. Either be there with the money or leave it under the mat. We can't be billed monthly? No, we don't operate like that. We operate on a daily cash flow. If it's a monthly bill, it must be prepaying. Monthly billing is how people like to skip out on paying and get behind and get pissed because we can't come mow. I found that out the hard way
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    Prepay customers sure are nice, but harder to find
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    You look down on me because I'm covered in mud and working on your sprinklers. Little do you know I have a well established business with many employees and make more money than you do.
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    you know that extra thing i told you that is outside your contract and would cost extra to do? The thing you didnt have me do because it cost extra? yea? well, i just did it for free for this other guy because he pays his bill on time.
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    those white flags don't keep your dog in your yard the underground wire does ant there a pain have to trim around every one
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    Speaking of kids and animals running through wet concrete, I have a similar story. Was applying expansion joint sealer to a big stamped concrete walkway we did at the Baton Rouge Zoo and a peacock stepped right in that crack where I had just applied sealer (they have like 10 peacocks that walk around the zoo).

    Also had a bunch of people asking if they could cross the area despite 10 barricades and signs that said "Wet Joint Sealer. No pedestrians allowed" Don't get how people are so stupid.

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