10 things your landscaper won't tell you

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by elitelawnteam1, May 17, 2012.

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    1) no am not interested in your bi-weekly cut... that is up to my ankles every time i come.

    2) Yes i just charged you 4x as much as i bought your material for...Ask me if i care!

    3) You drive a Bentley but you cant pay your lawn bill.... I dont understand you!

    4) (My Neighbor does this) You Get your lawn Fertilized twice a month..So its VERY LONG. And you cut it once a Month.

    5) I would love it if you could have your children pick up these D#$% toys so i dont End up shooting another plastic shovel at my Enclosed trailer.

    6) I Know you give me a dirty look every time i pull up and drink water out of your water hose!

    7) Dont tell me the check is on the front door. Then when i get there tell me you're half an hour away.


    9) Dont call me and ask me where i am or if im still coming after 2 days of Full on rain!
    -Do not ask me to skip though my route so you and your wife can eat dinner on the deck tonight!

    10) -Do not call my phone and EXPECT a call back without leaving a message
    -Do not keep calling my phone if i dont answer.
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    guess its wrong of me to tell guys to quit complaining or get out of the business since my post was removed.

    guess we wanna send a negative message to all the newbies out there by threads complaining about the way our clients that we chose to work for are.
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    post 1 removed. type the same the same thing in post 2.

    there are issues in any industry.

    stop charging your parents for their lawn when they dont charge you for your food.
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    #7 One of these days your jankity gate will not open, im still charging full price even if i cannot get back there.
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    Yardguy, you could probably blame me for (possibly) instigating all the "complaining" with my initial rant. I'm not sure what the OP's honest intent was for this thread, but it's become quite the ventilation source. I get a good laugh out of it anyway :p
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    Thumbs up, great thread. honestly tho, alot of these problems exist in any industry. i havnt paid my energy bill yet
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    11. Calling me despite the fact that you're scheduled, or because of it...
    Because you need a "special" day due to the fact you are entertaining your friends.
    Once or twice a year is one thing but when it becomes a regular thing, that's thin ice.
    Here's your One free warning: Am I the entertainment?
    Plan on my not saying a word while I take care of things this time but after that your grass will likely be a foot tall by the time you realize that you can find someone else.

    12. Texts cost me 20 cents each both in and out, send one or two of those is enough and don't text me again and again wondering why am I not replying or adding one more detail, and one more, and one more... <- Although I am fixing to address the cost of texting tomorrow it is still going to cost me MORE just to allow folks to text me, no matter how I look at it, I hope you realize this texting business is their way of taking our money!

    Ah no, that's immediate contract termination, no sir, I put up with a lot but if that check ain't where they SAID it was I keep on driving, I don't even drop the gate first I go see where is that check, they done did me with that load of bull enough.

    Here's another, holding my money hostage?
    They can keep it.
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  8. elitelawnteam1

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    It's funny that every week I mow lawns for the people who send their teens to the high school I go to.

    EDIT: used to go there, dropped out a few weeks ago
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    There is no charge for hosing off the dog crap from my mower in your yard.

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