10 things your landscaper won't tell you

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by elitelawnteam1, May 17, 2012.

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    This thread should be renamed to "things you don't want to hear from customers".:usflag:
  2. yardguy28

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    if this thread wasn't a repeat of some of the more serious ones on here I could have fun with you guys.

    these our are clients we choose to work for. but some of the comments you guys make make it seem like your forced to work for these people.

    you don't like or can't tolerate dog crap in the yard don't work for those people.

    I just find the overall attitude of some on here unprofessional for this industry. we wanna be hired then dictate to who hired us how things are gonna be done. ass backwards if you ask me. the only one doing the dictating is the one signing my pay checks.
  3. elitelawnteam1

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    Yardguy: you have a valid point, BUT most people on here are just venting, better here than at the properties they maintain right? I think it depends on each individual situation. I get sick and tired of people with no consideration for others. Thankfully, I have customers who pick up the dog poop before I come. And if they forget, they apologize. I never expect it, but it feels good when it happens.
  4. yardguy28

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    it just seems to me the venting is sometimes more than just venting. especially when you have thread after thread after thread of "just ventings". it makes it appear these things "really" bother people and I find myself saying hey you chose to work for them.
  5. OakNut

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    Trust me. They didn't have those SOLAR LIGHTS all through the YARD when I took the job.

    Seriously though. You need to lighten up, Francis.
  6. birddseedd

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    I AM the professional, YOU,,,, are the first person im doing a project like this for.

  7. Darryl G

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    1) The only reason I'm mowing your lawn is because I believed your BS about all the other work you wanted done...if you don't hire me to do some extras really soon I'm outta here.

    2) You're on the bottom of my priority list because you're the last one to pay me every month.

    3) I enjoy running over all the tennis balls that you give to your dog as chew toys.

    4) I know you watch every move I make and can see you going from window to window...in fact I go from the front to the back to the side just to mess with you.

    5) You saved a few bucks by doing the mulching yourself but it looks like crap...my dog could have done a better job.

    6) I lowered your cutting height for one cut like you asked and then raised it back up for all subsequent ones.

    7) I only bag your lawn so I can dump the contents of my bagger from the last lawn I did in your compost pile.

    8) I'm embarrassed that your lawn is even on my list....I don't know what I was thinking when I agreed to mow this hell hole.

    9) If you'd just leave me alone I'd have more time to spend doing what you hired me to do.

    10) It really didn't take your late husband all day to mow the lawn....he was just using it as an excuse to hide from you because you're a total beech.
  8. birddseedd

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    sounds like you are talking about a specific customer:laugh:
  9. GMLC

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    10 things I dont tell my customers.

    1. I live in my parents basement.
    2. Im addicted to xbox.
    3. I work holidays.
    4. I work sundays.
    5. I dont work in rain.
    6. I dont mow wet grass.
    7. Im never wrong.
    8. I know everything.
    9. I run junk gas and oil in my equipment.
    10. I have no sense of humor.
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    Man I had to reread the user name on this post. I thought it was someone else.
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