10 ways to earn a raise

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by site, Mar 16, 2002.

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    Here it is- I plan onpassing it out to the guys. It's consistant with the message I've given them in the past, but now it's in writing.
    1 Get certified by the New hampshire Landscape Assn.
    2 Take responsibility for something bigger than yourself.
    3 Do work that earns the company compliments.
    4 Get your CDL then pass the drug test.
    5 Have perfect atttendance for a few months.
    6 Finish jobs ahead of schedule.
    7 Keep the trucks, yard, and jobsite spotlessly clean.
    8 Get the company a referral.
    9 Take a class in something remotely associated with the business. I'll pay for the class.
    10 Plan ahead, keep your head in the game, adapt to surprises, stick with it even when you are frustrated...

    any feedback?
  2. diginahole

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    I would reword number 5. to:
    1. Have perfect attendance PERIOD

    I consider attendance top priority for employees. In years past it has been grounds for dismissal more often than opportunity for a raise.

    If an employee needs to take time to attend to important family matters all that needs to be done is notify me before the day begins if it is a sudden emergency, or arrange it with me as far in advance as possible. If I know about it in advance it will not adversly affect the attendance record.
  3. LawnLad

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    Good thread. I agree - attendence is paramount. Site - I like #2. People always have something to say or to complain about. How about finding a solution for that problem that everyone keeps complaining about.

    I would add to it:

    1) Maintain equipment so that it lives beyond it's expected life
    2) Get liscensed by Ohio Dept of Agriculture for Pesticide Applications (or whatever state you're in)
    3) Contribute towards increased profit by increasing revenue per payroll hour or increase the crew's billable percentage.
  4. Stonehenge

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    Lawnlad, I like your #3, but I think it would result in a face on my guys similar to the face my dogs give me when they hear a high-pitched noise.

    Site, I really like your #2.

    Remove 'remotely' from #9. My guys see it as an honor/opportunity to take calsses, and they have to demonstrate to me that the class will have value before I will consent to pay for it.

    I also would worry a bit about eqpt maint. There are some that can run stuff, but should never take a wrench to it.
    Overall, I like it as a means to get them focused on what you think is important. That info, if they take it to heart, should result in some people working toward those things. Should they do that, you should be ready to give them a promotion. You might even tell them that those who are genuinely interested in earning a promotion to schedule a meeting with you (on their own time), to discuss a plan/schedule for earning that promotion. Lay out specifics, so there's no confusion about what is expected.
  5. Nebraska

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    Lawn Lad I like your number one; too often it's overlooked and too often people do not realize the costs involved by NOT DOING SO.
  6. LawnLad

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    Site - I'm glad you posted this thread. Since I'm looking at the preseason reviews with all the guys for their job descriptions for the upcoming year - this list is perfect. We had a company meeting last week, in which we reviewed the Company's 5 goals for the year. So now I'll give them each a sheet of paper with the 5 goals - and at the bottom I'll give them the list of things to do to "Earn a Promotion/Raise". I wouldn't have done it otherwise, and I think it will be a good thing to give them. Thanks again!

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