10 Wright Sentars on E-bay-Cheap

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Mowingman, Apr 26, 2003.

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    I guess a bunch of the Wright machines did not get sold at the auction in Md. that was mentioned here on Lawnsite a while back. Someone is dumping 10, Wright Sentars on e-bay with no "reserve". They are located in Frederick,Md. and look to be nearly new. Currently they can be had real cheap. However, this post may increase interest and cause additional bidding. Sorry about that, but those interested in this machine should take a look. :)
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    Can u give us a link.


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    ebay.com and search. are you that lazy?
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    i wouldnt give 10 bucks for those sentars. i absolutely hate the sentar.
  7. I demo’ed a Sentar last summer for the better part of a week. My only beef is with the weight distribution. The center of gravity is low, but with most all of the weight on the rear wheels (especially if you're 200 pounds or more), I found their hill-side performance over-rated.

    I’ve never had to work on one, but they seem to be VERY well built. The cut is good. The ride is great as long as you get the spring tension right. Visibility of what the deck and wheels are doing is excellent. I have Standers so the controls were comfortable for me.

    Looks like someone might get a great deal on those eBay machines. As expected, the low-hour Sentars are getting the most attention. Am I bidding? Not unless I was totally slamming these machines. LOL, Rather have another Stander.
  8. Mowingman

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    It seems kind of strange that a company would dump 10 machines all alike on e-bay at one time. Is there some fundamental problem with these machines, or is it a concept that just did not sell? I have never tried one, but it is really strange to see this kind of a dump sale on expensive machines like this. It would be interesting to know the story of how these things ended up on e-bay.:confused:
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    if you read in the Limited Warranty section he says he is selling them on behalf of two local dealers. not sure why he did not put a reserve on them maybe he is a newbie and the dealers are going to be pissed when they sell for half of there suggested retail price :confused: he already stated what shipping is going to cost so these mowers could go real cheap.
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    Our friends company bought a fleet of those Sentars, and they had mountains of problems. Wright from what they said fixed the problem by giving them new ones and they have been good so far. I'll bet that those are junk demos from last year that those dealers can give away and his warranty is bogus. Why would you sell those of Ebay w/o a reserve? Sounds odd to me.

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