10 X 480 How much bark?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by scagman, Mar 7, 2002.

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    This is to be included in the contract for a housing development. Should the cost of bark be prepayed by them or should I just buy it myself and add it in with the 12 monthly payments. Can I figure out exactly how many yards I will need with these measurements: 10 X 279 probably want it 2-3 inches thick. Also going to plant 80 annuals @ $.99 (I will get them @ $ .60) and a $1.00 for labor per plant, total per plant will be $1.99. Should I pay for them out of my pocket, then add the cost into the 12 installments. I have a fixed rate for bark this year, making things way easier $40 per yard includes: Pickup/delivery and installation, is this too cheap? Any imput would be very helpful, this proposal has to be in the mail by 5:00 tommorow.
  2. Mulch 10 X 279 = aprox. 22 yards at $40 = $880

    Mulch 10 X 480 = aprox 37 yards at $40 = $1480

    You gave 2 numbers I gave 2 numbers.

    Flowers $160

    And you can bill them how ever you choose, but when I do money out of pocket I like to get paid fast.
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    You have 10x 480 and then 10x 279, which is it? Looks like you will need 45 yards of chips for the 10x480. As for the upfront v/s 12 month payment think about it.....

    If you pay and allow them to pay over 12 months are they paying you anything to finance the product for 12 months? Why would you chance never seeing the $ for a year? Have them pay for it upfront. I just gave a bid for a HOA and it needs 200 bales of pine needles now, the bid stated the first install would be paid upfront by them for D&I, the one next year would be included into the payments they make this year.

    Oh, the mulch calc, here is a good link for you to figure: http://www.atstecks.com/mulch.htm
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    First your subject was 10x480 and then you said 10x279. Which one is it. If it were 10x480 then you have 4800 square feet to mulch. An inch is .086 feet, so you multiply the area (4800 square feet) by the depth (2.5 inches is 2.5x.086 feet=.215 feet) and you get 1032 cubic feet. Divide that by 27 and you have cubic 38.2 cubic yards.

    So 38 cubic yards of mulch. I don't know what you pay but for high quality bulk mulch I pay 18 a yard (it can be bought as cheap as $7 a yard, but that is pretty nasty mulch).

    I would mark the mulch up 50% so $18 a yard is $27 a yard. Then add an appropriate delivery fee (that is alot of mulch). Figure out the labor (average conditions 1 man hour per yard) and bill at your hourly rate.

    When I do proposals, I put mowing, fertilization, weeding, pruning and basic overseeding (no compro, dirt or erosion control) in the maintenance portion and split it into monthly payments. Any installs or anything else where I have to come out of pocket for materials, I require the cost of materials beforehand and the balance upon completion. Hope this helps.
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    Sorry, I was spacing its 10 X 480.
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    I would rather get paid when you do it, but it would work either way.

    personally I don't like the fixed mulch rate, there are to many variables in each job to have a fixed rate, such as: how much edging, how far fromm the truck, if you have to puch wheel barrows up hills, how many plantings are in the beds (if it's heavily planted it takes alot longer to mulch around the plants and flowers and stuff) Things like that, everyjob is different. When I estemate a mulch job I figure out how much material is needed, how much time it should take us, figure in mark up on material and thats the price. i also usually have a minumim price for small mulch jobs of 300.00, if it's only like 2 yards it's not worth spending time picking up mulch, getting to the job, preping and everything else for like 150 bucks or whatever, unless where already on the job doing planting any other landscape work already. Anyway good luck in the new season.

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