10 year clean up / dividing lilys ?

Discussion in 'Water Features' started by Az Gardener, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. Az Gardener

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    OK the pond is almost clean. I am dividing and re potting about 150 new Lily's (my best guess) I have cleaned them up with water and a scrub brush and divide them into categories for planting; small eyes-big eyes-multiple eyes-eyes on rhizomes-large buds and small buds. Yes I'm anal, goes without saying.

    I call the end of the rhizome that was the leaves and blooms the bud, if it has another term please let me know.

    Some of the buds have a white film, it wont scrub off and I am concerned about it contaminating the other plants and killing the ones its on. Is there some kind of dunk or soak that I should do prior to re potting to be sure they are disease free. This pond that they came out of was a mess over 200 man hours to clean it up, probably plenty of funky pathogens.
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    Can you get a pic of those buds with the white film on them for me Az?
  3. Az Gardener

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    Yes but probably not until Sunday pm, we are about to leave on an overnight camping trip. I just finished counting the buds 109, plus about 20 rhizomes with eyes, and probably 300+ eyes, have not counted them yet. The family is on me to get a move on. They are all soaking in clean water now, the Lilys I mean. I have never done this before so I would welcome any suggestions. I think I will pick up a book too.

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