10 year old doing my landscaping!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by BRIAN GALLO, May 24, 2002.


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    One of my lawn customers asked me a few weeks ago about doing some ls work for them(planting some things, mulching, clean-up). I said ok and that I would complete the work over the next few visits to their property, when I came out to cut the lawn. I get out there today and while I'm halfway through cutting, a 10 year old kid from the neighborhood shows up on his bicycle and starts doing the ls work I had already discussed with my customer! :mad: I didn't bother to even discuss it with my customer tonight because I had to calm down first. I don't bear any ill will aginst this kid, but it makes me mad to think that my customer put me in the same category as him, and figured they would get the same quality job. I feel like I should lower my standards when I deal with these kind of people, because they must not care too much about quality. :confused:
  2. Darryl G

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    Brain - Don't worry, just wait until she sees all her plants die and a total mess in the yard.
  3. James234

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    Who knows? This 10 year old could be the next Jerry Baker! Ten years of age is a great time to work in the lawn and garden industry. You should help the young man along if you can!
  4. wolfpacklawn

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    there goes james234 again reminding us how worthless we all are. Thanks for giving us the proper perspective and reminding us that we really are no different than a 10 year old boy and have no more knowledge about how to maintain landscapes than the same boy.
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    It's lately been happening to me more often, Yesterday I show up to one of my real high end waterfront homes to work on the yard and there is this kid out there edging the landscaping. The owner walks out and I politely ask what is going on, so he tells me that he hired the kid for $15.00 to edge the landscape because I only edge it every other week( hello, this is what is in the contract dude). He then procedes to tell me that the kid will be cutting the grass on tuesdays and then I come out and cut it on fridays:rolleyes: He also then informs me that he had the true green guys out and treat the lawn with fert and he turned on the sprinkler system without even calling me to let me know, so now he wants the lawn cut lower and the clippings bagged and hauled away, I just had to inform him that it will cost more for me to do this because I had it bid for mulching and keeping the cut at 2.5 inches so it looks nice and full.( I don't like the scalped look of grass being cut to low. ) Well, he informs me that we have an agreed price for mowing and that He will not pay for an increase, I politely tell him no problem, He'll get a letter stating that I'm cancelling the contract here in a few days. What bothers me is that these were good customers that I have taken care of for a couple of years now, they are very wealthy and I just don't understand what has changed so that they feel that they couldn't call me but instead hire a local kid to do some of the work on a multi million dollar home. I'm like you brian, I just don't get it...... It really shouldn't bother me, but when start to have issues with GOOD customers, I have to wonder if I'm doing something wrong.
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    There are child labor laws in most states for kids working under the age of 16. Hate to see a 10 year old get hurt on some ones yard mowing for a fee. Maybe you need to point out the liability these homeowners assume.

  7. proline32
    Lets see, you have to deal with tgcl, mow it shorter and now bag & haul for same $, plus share the work with a kid?
    I don't think the problem is you- sounds like a customer that got bit by the cheap AH bug.
    -its time to walk away.
  8. scottb

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    its time to walk away. [/B][/QUOTE]

    Dont walk run and smile while doing it. Kind of looks like the customer's true colors are showing. (PITA)
  9. tremor

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    What happens if (God forbid) that kid gets injurred or killed on your customers property? That boy probably doesn't have insurance. So they'll have to file a claim against their own Homeowners policy. It won't even matter that the kids folks will probably also sue them right into bankruptcy.

    Then again, maybe it's just their nephew or the son of a down & out common associate from church???

    Either way, it's up to our industry to execute work & communicate effectively so there is never any doubt as to the outcome of a professional job. Shame on us if consumers don't know there's a difference.

  10. jsaunders

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    customer has deen bite by the cheap bug- not saying the kid doesn't do a good job-that used to be me 14 yrs ago. It's just a SHAME to see good customers go BAD

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