10 Years-1st Customer-Your Help and THANKS

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by MOW ED, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. MOW ED

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    Who better to ask than those who know. It is my 10th year of business and I remember that spring when I advertised everywhere I could think of as cheaply as I could and I waited for the responses to come in.

    My first call was extremely exciting and I went out to bid the next day. Sure enough I got the job. 10 years and a few price increases later I am still mowing for these people. Absolutely great customers, thankful, friendly and they have even referred me to others. My question is What should I do for them?
    They do not expect anything, I WANT to do something for them. I have a couple of ideas but I want to hear from all of you. Don't try and say nothing as I am doing something.

    On the same note, it has been quite a ride so far. My career in this started before Lawnsite and I am the first to admit that I made many many mistakes that could have been avoided by learning for all of you. My business has grown steadily and at my pace largely because of the knowledge gained from this site. This is a steady part of my life and I truthfuly be lost without it. So to all who are here and all who have gone (Eric ELM in particular) I sincerely thank you for giving of yourselves and I will continue to try and do the same. 10 years is not a long time when you consider a lifetime but I am looking forward to the next how many years the Good Lord allows me to keep doing what I love doing.
  2. Mark McC

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    How about tickets to a comedy club? I suspect most people would enjoy some sort of outing, whether it's a musical performance, a comedy club or dinner at a restaurant.
  3. Frontier-Lawn

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    i would say a $25-$40 gift card to the olivegarden or chilis- or any other restaurant
  4. Mo Green

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    I would buy them a dinner at a nice steakhouse or seafood restaruant that they like. I would spend more than $40. To me, giving a gift card to a chain restaruant for $25 would be like a slap in the face.
    " Here you go Mr. an Mrs. Smith, here's a token of my appreciation for your 10 YEARS of loyalty. Hope you enjoy your glass of coke and cheese sticks."
  5. Jason Rose

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    That's a really good idea... I have customers that have been with me since I was about 14! Twleve years of mowing for the same people, I'd say the same lawn, but a couple moved and took me with them! The only lawn I mowed longer than some of these was my parents (about 15 years) but they do their own now since I sold them one of my older ZTRs. I have "officially" been doing this for 10 years, but that's even if'y saying that I started at 16. I actually started when I was about 12... But I figure 16 since I actually had a license and could be mobile.

    I agree, sometimes we need to do something nice for these people. I have some really good ones, one lady that will bring me out hot chocolate or stuff to eat. Another heard about my battles with Rhumatiod Arthritis and came out the other day with a book he bought about some natural cures for back and joint pain. I have another with 2 young boys that are always facinated with my mowing equipment (from a safe distance of course) really good kids, they went on a family vacation and when they returned the youngest had missed me mowing on my wednesday so he drew a picture for me with a mower and even had grass on my legs! So cute...

    Just remember, like others stated, there are many different lifestyles and incomes out there... a gift card to a chain restruant could be a total waste if they don't eat at places like that. some only go to their private club for dinner. If your know their lifestyle that would help! Humm, I guess that makes us scrubs in some peoples eyes, "they are customers, not friends" that's BS. Good luck!
  6. Frontier-Lawn

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    OK then--- i change to my comment to send them to a restaurant like Burns Steak House or (Don) Suhla's Steak House, the min out the door price is $100, one thats like up wear you live.
  7. Mo Green

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    To me, $100 is the least I could do for 10 YEARS of loyalty. Guys are on here all the time complaining about losing customers. These people have been good customers for 10 YEARS. Take care of them.
  8. packerbacker

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    My wife worked for a deli/resturant that is very popular around holidays. Last year she gave me $50 gift certificates for all my customers and I mailed them out with my Happy Holiday cards.

    I was surprised when almost every single one of them called to thank me and tell me how much they enjoyed it.
  9. Toy2

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    First do your homework: what type of lifestyle do these people live...you pretty much know by now.....if they have a stressful type of life, a great day at the spa for both of them???? If they are older and play golf, a free day at the course with the cart paid for.....I like the steakhouse idea, spend over a $100.00, the good you do will come back, tenfold!!! Keep us informed.. :)
  10. gqnine44

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    $50 or $100 to a good restaurant is good (maybe Ruth's Chris) but If it were me I might send a big arrangement of flowers or a nice house plant...just an idea.

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