100 gallon skid sprayer in chevy 1500?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. inzane

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    my truck is a silverado 1500 and its a short bed. so if the skid sprayer weighs 300 lbs + 8.3lbs x 100gal of water = 1130 pounds then i add 200lbs for myself, plus 10 bags of fert for 500lbs then 50 lbs for misc tools such as spreader, additional chems, etc.. total weight on truck full would be roughly 1900 lbs which i believe is pretty close to the max rating in the bed of this truck (from my google search) however, would like to hear from someone who has put a skid sprayer in a silverado 1500?? would slosh from 50 gallons in a 100 gallon tank be that bad? i thought of a ride on, but have many small lawns, many hills.. ride on may not work for me.

    it sucks that many potential customers will not give me a chance, because i do not have a spray rig. i've gotten great results without a skid sprayer, with all granular and using my backpack sprayers. I think many feel the need to see the entire lawn sprayed with a liquid, because its something they can't do on their own, but they can easily spread stuff from home depot. guess i need to work on my sales pitch.. lol.

    thinking of getting spray rig this spring when i have the cash.
  2. vaacutabove

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    I was in your spot two years ago. I put mine on a trailer but I got 200 gal. because of the size of the yards I have. The slosh I can still feel can be rough.
  3. JBNC

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    I wouldn't risk it, It will probably be okay but I would worry about stopping and handling in a panic braking situation. I would stick to a trailer or get a HD truck.
  4. Burnie

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    You can feel a little slosh, I should have had a baffle put in the tank, but it's not bad. I don't do skids per say, I have my setups custom build for my needs. This is in a 2006 Silverado 1500 extra cab with a 6.5' bed, it is a 100 gallon fiberglass tank with a Pumptec pump and a 300' 3/8" hanney hose reel. I had it designed to take up as little bed space as possable. It cost me about 3k. It's a backup truck and I still haven't gotten the tool box yet. Just thought it might give you some ideas.


  5. KrayzKajun

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    that is an awesome setup!:clapping:
  6. Burnie

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    Thanks, I thought it turned out nice myself. Thumbs Up
  7. inzane

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    yeah, i like that.
  8. cgaengineer

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    Will work fine, I use a Tacoma with twin 50 Lesco skids.
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  9. fireman gus

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    I run a 200 gallon spacesaver in my 1500 without a problem. 3 years ago I had a 300 gallon skid tank in my 1500. It did an alright job but would not recommend it for full time.
  10. Ric

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    I have a 325 gallon in a C1500 extra cab with the 6.5 ft bed. No way I can fill it over 225 and feel safe driving it. I have never been happy with the brakes on any GMC truck. Compared to my Isuzu Cab over that stops on a dime, my 1500 brakes suck.

    Point here is 100 gallon should be very little sweat, just drive careful. A 200 gallon Tank drive like a 90 yr old man and watch your braking distances.

    GVW of a truck has more to do with the BRAKING POWER than springs or suspension.


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