100 gallon skid sprayer in chevy 1500?

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by inzane, Aug 13, 2012.

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    I will agree that a 1/2 ton is nothing more than a passager car with a Bed. To me real trucks are 3/4 ton heavy duty or bigger. But at the same time we are not too far from those third world counties that Load 42 people in a VW Minni Van.

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    I felt exactly the same way when I owned a Tacoma. Truth is most full size trucks can't compete with a Tacoma. My Tacoma had 302,000 original miles when It was t-boned and totaled. I now have a full size truck and honestly don't notice much difference in payload or pulling a trailer.
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    I purchased a half ton (new silverado 2013) 12 months ago. I love the truck, extended cab all star edition LT. It rides like a caddy, plenty of leg room, beautiful interior, 18.5 mpg with the 5.3 and the new six speed tranny. I love the truck, however, i wouldnt dream of loading it up and working it on a daily basis! Its my personal vehicle, i use it for sales, fetching parts, hauling the treks and the kayaks, etc. Its not a worktruck. My duramax 3500 and my cabover are worktrucks!
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    Hopefully someday i can get to a point where i can purchase a 2500HD. for now, i'm having to make due with what i have. the 100gallon skid is no issue in this half ton truck. I never thought i would make this a work truck myself, as it was my personal vehicle that i babied for so long. its an 07, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I wouldn't put anymore than the 100gallon skid in this truck. Its Good on gas atleast. My goal is a 2500 HD with a bigger skid eventually. I just feel good that everything is paid for for now! saving up the cash for a bigger truck later on. :drinkup:


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    Buy that time comes for a 250 HD you will need some thing bigger to get more done.

    Charles Cue
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    Agreed. I started out with a 2500, still use it everyday. It hauls 300 gal tank and zmax. Invested into my company and bought 3 ex Tg Isuzus, best money ever spent. The cab overs are the way to go IMO.
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    I see your trucks in my area now and then, they look good.

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    yes they do look good. westley runs a jam up operation. he aint skeered of success

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