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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LoveMyDomain, Feb 14, 2012.

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    Justinc -- We are an honest company and we work very hard for the benefit of our clients.

    While it is true that anyone can search Google for instructions on how to do anything (including lawn care), people hire us for the same reason that they hire you... because they are too busy their own families and companies and would rather hire a trained expert than spend their valuable free time working in a field they are not familiar with.

    I firmly believe that we provide the best SEO service available anywhere and we do not charge a monthly fee unless we succeed. This is practically unheard of not only in our industry but in any industry.

    I think that your use of the term "ripoff" was a little harsh, especially when most successful business owners simply want results. (Many others often pinch pennies by taking on extra jobs and responsibilities and in the end they suffer either in health or failing to achieve their goals).

    We offer results. We are very good at what we do and we guarantee our service 100%. Our normal prices are competitive with the global market and our test marketing of our Lawnsite.com promotion offers the most attractive SEO package available anywhere.

    The challenge:

    Perform your own SEO for as long as you want and acheive the very best results that you can. When you are not satisfied with the results then give us a call. Thanks!
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    I agree it is not a ripoff, but it is a little steep for me. I am actually tinkering with keyword optimization right now and it is a job in itself. I made my website then realized I have to mention this word this many times and that word so many times. It is difficult to say the least, at least for me. Right now I get my business from doorhangers, postcards, and other things that direct customers to my site. This year I am trying to use the internet more for leads. I revampped my site and will be trying adwords, maybe after a few months in the season I will be interested in this service. In a bigger city it is difficult to even get on the 5th page.
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    I don't know anything about this company, but $139 a month is about average to be in the top ten in a local search. You'd spend a lot more on Adwords than $139 a month to hit the front page of Google everytime, (and get the click-thru) in a decent size city. And a lot of times people won't click on the Adwords ads, notice how Google isn't making them as recognizable as they used to be? Now they look almost like organic results. I suspect good SEO is eating into Adwords.

    My questions would be what about Yahoo and Bing and what about mobile searches? Also, how do you base your results? For instance I have a new site going up with a company who will also be handling my SEO and I have about 10 searches I want to hit the first page with. Is your pricing just on hitting the 30/10 with one particular search or do you have a different metric? I mean, on my own I can hit the top organic spots if someone searches "Memphis Mowing" in the Memphis area. But I need to hit the first page of organic searches for the top ten search phrases in the lawn care business in my area.

    So, I wouldn't pay someone to get me a first page result for "Memphis Mowing", but I would pay someone to get me on page one for "Lawn Care", or whatever today's top search phrase might be.

    With regard to doing your own SEO, unless you're an SEO prophet, you'll spend dozens of hours a month trying to get on the first page if you have any competition in town. And you probably still won't get there for the top search phrases since the guys who are there are using people who are SEO prophets.

    Not trying to say don't try to do your own SEO or to forget about Adwords. Just pointing out that if you want to play with the first page guys, you're going to have to use similar tactics. And in the long run, paying someone who is really good at it is going to be a lot more profitable to you.
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    I wouldnt use the words more profitable. They may have better results but that doesnt always translate to prophet. The reason I am going to do it on my own first is because I am just getting into it. My other advertising points to my website just fine. I completely understand why people pay to have it done by a pro but Im not sold on the ROI yet. Sure you get noticed more but how much in sales increase can I actually look at? << rhetorical question...I thought google adwords was a completely different thing than SEO. Do they work with each other? How much is it to add google adwords management to the $139/$99? Also, lets say you have 14 people in the same market doing the same business. How do you make the call on who you get higher than the others?
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    Good news, you come up as 3rd for me now, Bad news, it is THIS THREAD that came up. (You should add your site and contact info to your signature here ;-) Two big things for you to consider is that your site is only 1 week old, plus being on Wix, google is seeing all of your content PLUS the content of wix mixed in, so getting a single key phrases to rank better will be harder.

    When people argue this, my first thing I ask is "How much do you value your time at" I generally bill out at $35-$50 an hour for work I do depending on the type of work and the type of client. Say I average at $40. So could I get the same results for 3.5 hours a month worth of work on my own, including research and learning? Everyone has their balance of what is worth paying for and it would also vary based upon how much you are interested in learning it. Some business people don't give a crap about their web site, how it works or anything, they just want it working for them.

    Now, here are my views on this thread and the offer given here, it is just my thoughts and can be ignored if you want, just how I evaluate things being a web developer/programmer for over 12 years.

    First, one thing that gives more credibility to me, is that the company (will just use SND in this post) is actually taking interest in this forum in the fact that they are a paying (I assume) advertiser on the forum (seen the ad for the domains they have for sale).

    However, normally I shy away from a company with big promises with no contact information other than an e-mail and contact form, and the domain registration is hidden. However with easy looking to their "parent" site, there they do have full information. Again, this is something more for me in evaluating the professionalism of a company, and I know I'm weird. (kinda like a company using @gmail or @yahoo for their listed main email contact)

    The key issue here is the six different keyphrases. Are they agreed upon before hand? Are stats given for how difficult each one is? The reason I have this concern is I have seen companies get burned from scheming SEO companies (NOT talking about SND here) get ranking with a really easy to rank phrase, while all the rest never did good, and well the client had to pay. Usually the one that ranks is really not as much of a searchable phrase for the sites customers. Having this condition is not a negative thing as long as it is put in play fairly.

    The question at being able to find this company in a search, especially wit the terms give, as they said, just about anything SEO that is generalized is going to be majorly saturated with results.

    But then there was the bold statement made of owning the "Best SEO website" Now, I'm not saying that they didn't have a great site before or anything about their abilities, but that is one hell of a bold message to make with out giving any information. Of course there can be reasons, I prefer not to say the web development company I used to work at and later consulted for after moving away. Main reason, I don't want any work I do now to be tied to their name (self pride thing) and the fact that then I can freely state my opinion they charge way more than I'd recommend someone paying, even though they do offer fabulous service.

    There was the confusion of the pricing, but I think that has been cleared up, just misunderstanding on wording IMO, and Lord knows that happens a ton on forums. Written signed contract is the word though, and with SEO I wouldn't do it without one, which from the wording here they make it sound like you do, yet when you go to the site to sign up, you get NO legally binding terms to even review before having to pay the $99.

    Now here is the last thing that makes me go Hmmm in looking at their services... These days social media is a big part of SEO, the only thing I found in regards to it on either site is Google+, and not a link to their profile, but a link to recommend it. (I don't use G+ much so not sure if that link just takes me there or not), but still no Facebook, no Twitter, no blog...

    I would myself prefer to talk to a couple of current customers who have been with them for six months to a year and longer. As I mentioned elsewhere, a good SEO company that can produce results and charge a good price (note, not saying cheap) has no problem retaining customers

    Lastly, one thing to always remember with SEO, Done the wrong way, you can have negative effects to your ranking. This not only applies to a paid company, but also for the Do it yourselfer who follows the "dark side" of ways to do it (and being new to it, may not realize it until too late). So it is never a "I have nothing to loose (besides money or time) by going this route". You do have something to loose that can affect you for quite a while.

    So all that being said. If I had the site needing ranked and the budget to try them, I would take them up on the offer to test it out to compare their results vs what I feel I could do myself (note this requires having more than one site). The price scale as long as it is as laid out here seems worth the try as long as nothing is being done to negatively affect the site. There is a price threshold where I would rather take the time spend on SEO monitoring and use it to make money from others.

    So if you are still reading, that is my 2 cents (ok, probably 4.95), but hope it helps in considering things.

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    Wow - I woke up this morning and had a lot of stuff to reply to! In no particular order:

    Didn't realize that any info was missing from our Lawnsite.com profile so thanks for pointing that out.

    For this specific promotion we allow the client the final decision on the six keyphrases though we do give them our strong recommendations. If a client was stubborn and had unreasonable expectations we would probably refund their money and politely decline the project though this has never ever happened.

    For this specfic promotion we define success as being any one of the six keyphrases achieving a top ten result. We do have other packages where we are judged on a per-keyword performance but payment is also per-keyword and so financially speaking this promotion is the best value.

    Typically what will happen is that one phrase will reach the top ten and one or two others will hit the top thirty. Then after a period of time those will move up and one or two others will then join the top 30-50 and slowly work their way to the top. The funny thing is... we work on all of the keyphrases but you never really know which one is going to jump first. It's really a best guess and we are wrong just as often as we are right...

    Our previous SEO website was offered publicly for seven figures and sold privately in December 2011.

    We also help clients with AdWords and other PPC marketing campaigns and the decision is really 50/50. For immediate revenues pay-per-click is best but the best value is probably a combination of pay-per-click and SEO investment.

    We have a free analysis that takes up to 24 hours to complete. If you are interested you can Click Here to Receive an SEO Analysis of Your Website.

    As for me, Dentist today (ugh!), everyone else...

    Have a great day!
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    Missed this thread due to the forum it was in, but a lot of my potential responses have already been covered, so I'll simply say this...

    $139/mth is by no means a ripoff for SEO consulting. Far from it. In fact, it's really quite low if the "guaranteed" results can be had. That said, we all know there are a lot of things you can pay very little for, with very different results. I would simply ask for a proven track record/portfolio of results and a very specific understanding of what "keyword phrases" actually means.

    I knew the answer to this before I got to the response.
  8. Patriot Services

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    139 is only considered high by people unfamiliar with marketing costs. I have spent significantly more than that over the years on print with continued diminishing returns. How much do you think a yellow pages ad cost that would be in the top 10 of a book? Major newspapers? Fliers and doorhangers? This is the now and future of advertising. The old adage of "spend money to make money" is still very relevant.
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    Hey guys - thanks for pointing that out. Yes we are glad to give a sample of client references though we probably wouldn't post them on a forum such as this for obvious reasons.

    If you request a free analysis at our website we do include a few in the free analysis document.

    Also, we have never had a stubborn client (so far) who chooses keyword phrases that are not in their best interest. Usually they listen to our advice and logic and make the right decision. (For example we sometimes have to explain to them why "Chicago Landscaping" is a better choice than "Landscaping" due to the balance of desired search volume and competition for the keyphrase by other companies).

    Thanks for your questions.
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    My questions are:

    1. Why are you on LawnSite offering SEO?
    2. How is it both of my websites; rankings higher than all of your websites?
    3. What experience do you have in the landscape field?

    What is wrong with posting your successes on a site "Such as this"? Or even your own site?
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