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Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by LoveMyDomain, Feb 14, 2012.

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    1. why is that your concern?
    2. good for you - though we have many sites with #1 Google rankings
    3. we are not a landscaping company. we are internet experts who provide high quality and 100% guaranteed SEO services.
    4. there are spam companies who scan these forums and collect client and website data, URLs, etc... and we would never expose our clients to that.

    questions for you:

    1. why is your tone so negative?
    2. do you feel better about yourself when you criticize another person or company or try to belittle them or their service?
    3. how many SEO companies do you know who will allow their clients to pay them only AFTER they get top ten search results?

    we are a small and honest company and we provide a great service - and frankly i'm more than a little disgusted and frustrated with posts like this - as our parents always said - "If you can't say something nice then don't say anything at all."

    Your post really wasn't worth this lengthy reply but I figured that someone should let you know that you're being a jerk - just in case you didn't already know it...
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    @ LoveMyDomain

    Okay so you obviously took my questions offensively. Not my intention at all. More simple questions looking for simple answers.

    My Questions

    #1 Simple question--I would like to know, that is all.

    #2 Thank you--Just asking..Could it be I just switched to WordPress a couple months ago? That is why I was asking.

    Even though I actually build websites, I would like to know how a company like yours will actually get my "Landscape Company" found. That is the reason for question #3.

    #4 I suppose this is mute.

    Your questions

    #1- Obviously you are defending your business...I get it.. MY APOLOGIES if you took my QUESTIONS the wrong way

    #2- Again not trying to take your company down or discredit you...just asking questions, because you are clearly an expert in your field

    #3--None, hence the questions

    You are sorely mistaken that I am a "Jerk" and that is kind of deep, I do not care where a guy is from that is pretty disrespectful. There is no point especially online. Furthermore, being a professional in your niche this is no way to act if you are trying to sell your services.

    My apologies if you took my questions in a "Negative" manner, they are geared more towards engaging conversation about your niche.

    Also, after researching your sites, I believe you do run an honest operation, just finding out how you do this and what has made you successful. That is all
  3. LoveMyDomain

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    Your apology is accepted. and I will apologize also for being so defensive. I guess it's just that I'm not used to having to answer those types of questions when I tell clients that we will get them results and they can pay us later and only if we succeed.

    I suspect that the Wordpress site is just a coincidence of timing in your industry or region. (though it is possible that you have more links or fresh content as a result of and since installing that site, which could also explain your results). Typically those results will begin to drop if you do not continue efforts to maintain them both on-site and off-site. Often the biggest challenge is not getting to the top ten but working hard to stay there.

    Additional answers:

    1. We are on this site because we currently have several premium domain names in the lawn care industry (FamilyLawns.com, BoldLawns.com, LawnPals.com) and wanted to let people know about them. Once we came here we decided to let everyone know about out other services. We are very good at SEO - especially on sites where most other SEO companies fail such as flash animated sites, etc...

    The secret to success always starts with:

    choosing the right keyphrases - we conduct a lot of research on search volume, competition, and other factors to choose absolutely the best keyphrases for that client in that industry and that region.

    fixing all of the bugs on the site - we analyze the site and find everything that could harm your results and also find all of the techniques and recommendations that might improve your results.

    creating a balanced quantity and quality of links - having hundreds or thousands of links does you no good if you have too many, too fast, too slow, or the wrong quality - in fact it can and will harm you over time. we make every effort to improve the site visibility as fast as possible (off site) but in a healthy way that will produce positive results and avoid the penalties which search engines apply if you do it incorrectly.

    constant monitoring and adapting - we constantly monitor all of the results (daily) and adjust our tactics (weekly and monthly) to continue on the road to long-term success.

    someone else asked - don't remember who - about how many results they would get. obviously no company can promise you this - but common sense would say that if your website is at the top of the natural search results and your web site/page is well designed and encourages new prospects to do business with you - then in most industries SEO can be profitable if you do not pay too much for it.

    our pricing is aggressive right now - well below market - and our guarantee is in place - because we have set a company goal of obtaining a certain number of new clients in all fifty states. once this goal is accomplished we intend to use our success with these clients to compete with the bigger and much more expensive SEO firms. i realize that you didn't need this level of detailed explanation but my guess is that if you understand our goals and motivations then you will understand how we can offer this level of service for such a low rate without requiring the client to pay in advance for the tremendous amount of services and hours of labor.

    sorry again for the misunderstanding/miscommunication on our part. have a great week!
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    Excellent thread. Happy to see this!!
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    It really isn't that hard that you need to pay someone to do it. Take few minutes, do some homework. Most of my business comes from google and I don't pay any silly monthly fees. I'll even point you in the right direction... back links.

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