100 mph Winds today!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by stevo22, Jul 23, 2003.

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    for those of you that do not know there was a major storm that ripped memphis' arse today and most of the surrounding area's...huge tree's uprooted, limbs everywhere...if i can fit in some extra work i am going to offer to help folks clean up their branches and get them to the curbs...for those of you around the memphis area what do you think is the best way splicit the business...door to door, catch em outside???i think that it would be easy as heck to cherge some folks 30-100 per home just to cut some branches up to a decent size and haul to the curb for the city to pick up...hate some folks might look at it as taking advantage of people but i do not...some folks simply do not have the means to do it themselves...how would be the best way to approach these folks...i am thinking about trying to knock on doors tomm after i get done cutting...

    memphis had approx 300,000 people w/o power today...haven't seen anything like it since the ice storm in 94...
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    We didn't have the wind here, but we had 5" of rain from the same storm front you had in Memphis. Things are wet here to say the least!!!

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