100% Organic Insect/grub Control

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    Blistering Defense (Organic and Edible)

    Apply at 1 quart per 10,000 sq ft with a total of 10 gallons of water.
    For shrubs use 1 quart BD with 1 quart NW&F 5-0-3 into 100 gallons water. Spray this solution on foliage for insect and fungus control.

    The product contains Garlic and Soy oils that are emulsified into one homogenous solution and then combined with a White Pepper that is cooked into one emulsified solution. This coats and penetrates most vegetation alive or dead. When animals or insects attempt to feed Blistering Defense disflavors the food causing them to find more a more desirable food source somewhere else.

    Blistering Defense
    5 gallon pails (1) – $550.00 (2-5) $525.00/each (6-35) $500.00/each (36) $475.00/each

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