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    Ok, This is a design element that I always struggle with. Large lawn with large shade trees in front of the home, Home will be illuminated also, but my question pretains to the lawn trees. If you want to say something about the house still feel free to do so. Pics are from the street and from the front door looking back at the street. Client's previous home was an 200 fixture install, but the trees were in large beds and they where to the left and right of the home. I tell you about the past because they loved their large trees in their previous home, but it was a much different layout. Any questions? I will mail the check out on Monday to my favorite design$$
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  3. Eden Lights

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    I will submit my idea at the end with some past examples, but I didn't want to taint your ideas with mine at this point.
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    Ok I will give it a try but go easy on me I am a rookie! The eye has to be drawn to the house first....thru the trees......to the brick surrounding the main entry. The light here should be just a little brighter than other accent lights highlighting the rest of the brick on the front of then home. Include some second story lights focusing on the peaks of the Gables. Get some lights back on the roof to create depth and shadowing including the roof area on the right side of the picture! Now for the trees....What about placing uplights (wells?), on the house side of them so they can be enjoyed from the home side without being seen directly from the street. This also would be like backlighting them on the street side causing some nice shadowing. Add a few down lights from tree to tree making sure none point back towards street and if needed some uplights higher up in tree to fill in the canopy. I hope most of that made sense...its late but i'm up finishing a proposal.
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    Here are some ideas: I would ask the home owner if they would consider creating planting pockets / beds around the trees. The beds could be planted and boulders could be added to create more interest and to hide the fixture / light source. Also, I would discuss with the home owner the possibility of creating 2 or more zones each with a separately switched transformer for each so that the house could be lit separate from the trees. This way you could set it up to have different layers of light depending upon the mood / occasion / lifestyle etc. of the home owners and their guests. You would even have two interspersed layers of trees switched separately. Maybe the trunk washes separate from the canopy so you could have a more subtle lighting of the trees for routine days.

    A Bit More specific: Lighting the trees as is without adding beds, you could use well lights in the lawn that recessed the glass below the grade so that the protective glass cover didn’t become a glare bomb after the first watering or rain. Of course the well light should have some type of metal grate at grade level for protection and safety. Limit the quantity of well lights for each tree with a substantial canopy to 3 to 5. My guess is that the home owner will want 360 degree viewing. For the larger canopy trees, I would recommend two fixtures between tree and house one offset to right and one offset to left of trunk both washing the trunk and highlighting the canopy. From the front I would use three lights. One in line with the trunk washing it and two further back to the right and left highlighting the canopy. The light levels should be lower at the street and get brighter on the trees closer to the house with the plantings close to the house a bit brighter than all the rest. It should be a gradual transition, no huge jumps in brightness. To counter the spots on the ground caused by the well lights you could put several down lights to softly flood the area around each tree to provide context and fill light. You may choose to light the trunk this way as well. Most of the trees appear to be very high before the canopy starts so this could be a challenge. Also this height would appear to prohibit placing up-lights in the lower branches. However, if I’m wrong about the height this would be a great way to limit the number of well lights. I would light the 5 trees close together as one unit. I would wash the trunks and not worry about the canopy so much. You might be able to get by with one in the middle and a single light for two trees. I can’t quite tell.

    Anyway just some ideas. I can’t wait to see what others come up with.

    Jim C.
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    I'll try to chime in on this a little later. I have 11 projects of my own to design first. I'll need a break from them a little later on today or tomorrow.
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    Well im gonna pop in with my idea too... I would limit the amount of light on the trees so you dont distract from the home. I would also try to get some plantined beds and boulders installed then go with minor uplighting and area lights to show off some color in the beds. Perhaps a pondless waterfall would be outstanding in that area. I also like rocks carved with the address then lit softly with a 10w incadesant wallwash light too

    If thats not an option. Going by how it is pictured. 1 well light in the center of that group of trees. 5 more in a pentagon shape around the cluster.

    On the other trees: to the far right a soft 20w on the trunk then some soft wattage well lights doing the canopy. Dont over light it at all. I would think 3 wide angle 35 w might be pushing it.

    from the other 2 trees by the driveway... some 4700kelvin 35w 36degree moon lights... 2 to 4 of em tagging the driveway with some soft uplights on the trunks. I wouldnt do much to the canopies on this.

    With the tree half way uup the yard i wouldnt do anything as far as uplighting. I would Might try to moonlight the driveway a bit more from there if distance permits.

    Its really hard to give design ideas not only via pictures but also not knowing what your client really likes... perhaps some pics of thier old home that they liked the lighting at ? Some clients like dim and subtle... others like BAM!!!!
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    of course my ideas got wiped clean immediately...well I tried to help...I dont knwo why I even try on this forum!
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    Thanks so far, I have numbered the trees so everyone could be more specific.

    Edit 1.JPG

    Edit 2.JPG
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    OK, I have a moment now and will chime in. I would use 2 well lights on trees 1 and 6 to light them them well and frame the house in the portrait. I would say by the photos that an FMW would work very nicely. I would then use down lights in trees 1,2 and 3 to softly "moon" light the driveway and fill in the area between trees 1 and 6. I would say that 3 down lights for the driveway, 60 degree BABs and then 2 more shining into the lawn area for a total of 5 down lights. I'm not going to mention the home, as you said you have that well in hand.

    Man, I sure could use that $100 design fee!!:laugh:

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