100 yards of mulch too big for my small business in cincinnati

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by americanpropertymaint., Jul 7, 2010.

  1. NarNar

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    This is impressive!
  2. NarNar

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    It's 4: After the motorcycle accident, before violating the girl in a night club and during his suspension. Ha haa
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    Finn is in your backyard - they have several blower companies that will charge about $55 per yard for the mulch and to apply it. Charge the client some markup ($65 to $70 per yard) and you have it done.

    Or you could use a front end scoop like on a ventrac or dingo and have it dumped in several locations and with a driver (ventrac) and 4 others you could knock this out in 10 hours. Dingo or other stuff that does not let the driver ride will slow it down. We do 40 to 60 yard jobs all the time with a ventrac/me and two guys in 7 to 10 hours. All the others have to do is rake/spread. The ventrac makes this simple.

    They guy who says 10K is way off the mark.:confused:
  4. honeydopm

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    A rapist!!!
  5. hackitdown

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    You can do this.

    Have the mulch delivered by the supplier. Rent a Bobcat or kubota, hire 4 guys for a day, buy four 10 cu/ft wheelbarrows (double wheeled) and 4 rakes. You run the bobcat, use it to load the wheelbarrows. Have the 4 men run the loads around to the beds. That mulch will be in the beds in a couple of hours. Raking will take a while.

    Bobcat rental: $250
    4 wheelbarrows $600
    4 rakes $60
    4 guys $400

    Total on equipment and labor is $1310. If the mulch costs you $3,000, then total costs are $4310. Even if you charge only $6000 for the job, you will make $1700 in a day, plus you own 4 nice wheelbarrows.
  6. aznsquirel

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    You should be able to get the mulch delivered to you pretty cheap. I know if I ordered that much they would knock it down to $15/yard delivered to me. So that would be $1500. then you could hire 10 guys and pay them 100 for the day another $1000. Like people are saying if you charge them $5000 or $6000 you'd be making $2500 to $3500!!! I would knock it down to $50/yard depending on how far apart you have the spread the mulch, etc.
  7. procut

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    Ten grand, ROFLMFAO, you guys crack me up. DEPENDING on conditions, that jobs maybe $4,500. Keep dreaming.
  8. keepoffthegrass

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    I just did 40 yards of died red for a big hotel. I charger $60/yard, my cost was 35 delivered. With compact tractor and 3 of us it took 6 hours. $2400
  9. g21

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    Hackitdown gave you pretty good advice and his numbers were pretty accurate. We have a job (BJ's Wholesale Club) that takes 100 yds. We send a Bobcat, and 4 guys there for the day and a driver for the machine. The mulch gets delivered to the site. We knock it out in a day. The machine can pretty much dump mulch into most of the beds so we have little wheelbarrow work. Just a lot of spreading and cleanup. If the machine can't access all of the beds and you have more handwork, you may need 5 or 6 guys.

    We always make good money for the day. But in many cases, I do recommend subbing it out and just make 4-5 hundred on the job without touching it. You just have to determine if you have the staff, know the wholesale suppliers and have the skills to do the job well, safely and on time.
  10. hackitdown

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    Who said ten grand?

    Around here, $75/yd installed is a competitive price. For a 100 cu/yd job, it would get more competitive, maybe $60 from a lowballer. So that would be $6K.

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