1000 gal Bowie hydroseeder and truck

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    I am selling my 1969 model 1000gal
    Bowie hydroseedeer mounted on a 1987
    C65 Chevy single axle truck. This
    hydroseeder was bought new by the Tenn
    Parks department and set unused until
    I bought it 2 years ago. It only had
    60 hrs on it at that time. The machine
    is in almost perfect running
    condition. Very little rust. The
    engine was locked down and all belts
    rotted off when I go it. Engine,
    (Wisconsin 65hp V4), was rebuilt with
    new sleeves/pistons in the engine
    block and runs perfectly. New seals
    where installed in the pump, (4x3
    Deming), and it works perfect. Machine
    just needs seals replaced around
    agitator shafts and is ready to work
    today but will leak around shaft
    seals. Truck is a 1987 C65 chevy 366
    w/5sp trans over 2 sp rearend, 4 wh
    disk brakes and excellent rubber. This
    truck does not require CDL license to
    drive. 60k + miles. Runs good but
    could use a tuneup. Does not burn oil.
    We recently broke out the back glass
    and driverside vent glass with a
    pressure washer. Will replace before
    selling. Insides are a little ragged
    but other wise a sound truck.

    I am selling due to reorganising my
    equipment. I have found that a smaller
    machine as well as a larger machine is
    needed to make my business more
    efficient. I will demo the machine on
    an actual job site to anyone that is
    willing to drive here and is
    interested in purchaseing the machine.
    Machine and truck are located in
    Murphy NC.
    I will consider selling machine and
    keeping truck. I will also consider
    trades for other equipment, 4x4
    farmtractor, skidsteer, mini trackhoe,
    Price for both is $15000. Will send
    pictures on request.
    Interested parties can contact me by e-mail or pm or by cell phone
    828 508 6513

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