1000 hour kawasaki engine

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by str8stripes, Feb 3, 2003.

  1. str8stripes

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    I saw a 14HP Kawasaki engine with a sticker on the shroud that said it had a useful life of 1000 hours. This was a on a 2000 Scag 48 hydro I recently looked at, I didn't buy the mower. I was wondering if anyone here knew anything about these motors. I personally own several 14 kawi's with over 1000 hours and am curious as to what Kawasaki has done. Thanks in advance.
  2. lawncare3

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    That sounds like it's almost a disposable engine.
  3. MacLawnCo

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    if you do a search for FC420V, i think that it was discussed in the past, and it was suggested that it was one of the longest lived mid powered engines. I dont remember the exact hours some have gotten, but many had many thousand. Mine only has 2100 more to go :D
  4. That's the best engine Kawi ever made.
  5. Mark P

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    Do a search on the 2000 hr club, there are a few Kawas with well over 2000hr, but Kohler rules the club......Marks Mowing Service
  6. Richard Martin

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    I'm getting a little tired of putting money into my 14 Kaw. At around 600 to 700 hours I took it in to have oil seals replaced and they put an oversized piston in it. Now here it is about 200 hours later and it's blowing oil out of the crankcase gasket. The next engine will be a Kohler.
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  8. lawncare3

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    I have one. :cool:
  9. IBGreen

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    I have one, only 200 hours though.
  10. steve

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    The 1000 Hours is what Kawasaki Guarantees the engine to pass EPA:angry: Emissions. After 1000hrs the engine will not run as clean.

    All the new engines have a sticker that say 500Hr 1000Hr etc.

    The new Honda GX Series single cyl engines say 500Hrs.

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