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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Dreamscape, Aug 22, 2002.

  1. Dreamscape

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    We are currently involved in installing a nice landscape job for a company. The grounds superintendant came by and asked if we could install 1000, 1 gallon plants for him and mulch the existing beds. I don't know what these plants are yet, although they have already purchased them. I don't know if they want peat moss added to them yet, but I would like to have an idea of what a fair price would be to make this installation.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  2. lawnstudent

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    How many plants can you plant in a day?

    I've been working a summer internship installing perrenial gardens. I and one other person have installed over 400 1-gal. perrenials in a day with some plants requiring peat, sand, pea-gravel or combinations of these ammendments. If the soil is easily penetrated with a shovel you should be able to achive simular results. Good luck.

  3. dforbes

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    I would rent a 2 man auger and drill all the holes. I have a landscape book which I think might tell us how many you could expect to plant per hour. I'll try and look it up when I get to the office tomorow
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    For that many plants, I would see if it were feasible to rent a mini skid with a auger attachment. If you can use one, it'll be alot less wear and tear on you. Good luck.
  5. paul

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    Gallon plants are only 5" to 6" across the bottom and 6"-8" deep a spade is alot faster than any skid steer on a prepared bed which is what you should be planting one gallon pots.
  6. lawnstudent

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    Paul is so right on this one. A spade is quick with one gallon plants. Skid steers and two man power augers will just get in the way. Also, you will not be able to ammend the planting hole with power augers. You are going to need the spade for this operation.

  7. RwADesigner

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    you cant beat a spade for that size plant....we haul..tail..when planting one gallons....i think i figured...a time of around...30-60 seconds per plant..that includes everything till you are walking away from that plant..to the next one....that is in nice dirt too..though......

    so i would feel safe to tell you that you could plant 1000 plants in 480-550 plants an eight hour day........per person basis.....

    that is just the planting though.....not mulching..bed prep...anything else.....

    We do it all the time though...and this time actually includes the breaking up of the broken up rootball..and adding stimulator to it.....i would probably figure 2-2.5 days with 2 peeps...for planting..on a job like that.....

  8. lawnstudent

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    You are experienced at this. My first time I was much slower with a spade. Now I am closer to your speed. I think Dreamscape should plan a minimum of two people three days unless they have had your level of experince with a spade & planting 1 gal plants.

  9. RwADesigner

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    YA....i totally agree...i just read where he said..he planted 400 in one day before..........that is why i added .5 day...lol......na seriously.....3 sounds great

    good point
  10. strickdad

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    we just did one this size( almost) we put in 700 1 gal monkey grass plants we put them in at 1 dollar a piece labor. plus a little mark up on the plants. i felt like we came out well.

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