100x540 lot,how much?

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    i got a client who call me for an estimate he got a 100'x540' lot plus a ditch which is not part of the lot dimmensions that is about 120'x10',lot is totally lost weed about 2 feet high in some parts,lots of trees to go around,tree trunks laying around that will need to be removed, not much trimming or edging I told him $120 for whole thing first cut,$100 biweekly deal afterward ,whe said he'll talk to her wife and call me back,did I bid too high? it will take me a good 2 1/2 hr on my ztr and including that ditch that half of it will have to be taking care with a 21" pushmower because of the incline degree in it.
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    i'd say you underbid it since you will have to remove the tree trunks etc. and when i do jobs like this they always take longer than i think they will.

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    actually they are not trunks but pieces of branches ranging between 6 to 10 inches diameters,can be picked up by hand,
    also is a weekly deal.
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    man u gotta charge more. walking around a yard that big and pickin up those "baby trucnks" is gonna take you time, and time is money in the lawn care business. do you have to take those branches off his property or jus put em some place??? cause if you gotta take em away, u best charge extra for that.
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    $385.00 to rehab and $140.00 a cut weekly or $170.00 bi-monthly.

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    jesus im way under,the trunks are just few of 'em,it wont take me much time to get'em out of the way.100x540 is 54,000 sqf,if the average is $65 per acre which is around 43,000 sqf then he got 1 acre and 1/4 and 1/4 lots range around $35 thats why i figured $100 a cut (acre 65+35 for the 1/4) but $120 first cut for rehab work.
    Im i doing my numbers right?
    there is barely any trimming since there is so many big trees around the house that there is barely any grass in the perimeter around house.
    if i can take a pic or video this weekend i'll post it.

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