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10hp b&s Intek horse crap.


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I have a push-blower with that engine, horizontal shaft. It does burn some oil but the real problem has been ongoing now for several seasons and is very frustrating.

Here's what it does: It will start on full choke and then go WOT just fine most of the time, then it runs for however long, just depends... All of a sudden the engine shuts down as if it lost all power, similar to it running out of fuel (NO this is not the problem)... IF I'm quick to catch it before it cuts off, and I move the choke lever back to FULL choke it will usually start running again, then move it back to wide open and sometimes she revvs right back up as if nothing. Sometimes I have to leave it choked for several minutes before she wants to act right....
She'll run good for however long, sometimes 20-30 minutes or longer, sometimes a lot less, like seconds or a few minutes, it varies depending on mood lol... It almost seems as if certain angles or when hitting a bump causes it, but with the changes in terrain on a turf style surface it is impossible to determine and the change can be so minor, too...

Has anyone ever experienced this?

I've replaced the coil, the plug, the air filter and breather, the inline and in-tank fuel filters, the pcv breather hose, and cleaned out the carb and all that stuff several times real good.

I just thought of it, guess I'll check the float inside the bowl next, any other ideas?


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Make sure the gas cap is venting properly.

Is this engine oil alert equipped ?


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When you say "cleaned out the carb" what do you mean :D

Sounds to me like you've got some dirt in your float bowl. Take the carb off, disassemble completely - remove needle valve, jets, etc and soak the carb for 15-20 minutes in a solvent. Acetone will work fine if you can't find a carb cleaner. Remember though, this will attack any plastics or etc on the carb so make sure you remove gaskets and other plastic pieces! Blow clean and reassemble. Also replace the gas in the tank with fresh gas from a pump - not whatever is left in your can. Dump out the stuff in the can unless your sure its new and has no stuff floating in the bottom!

This kind of thing comes up alot with generators since people leave gas in them for a long time. It will run great after its warmed up and no load, but when a load is placed on it (even a minor one like plugging in a light fixture) the engine sputters and starts to die - all because of a dirty carb


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lee's summit, mo
When you cleaned the carb did you clean out the fuel cell and check you fuel containers? Sounds like you have water in the carb bowl.