10w30 or SAE30 engine oil for your mower?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MississippiLawnKid, May 11, 2014.

  1. unkownfl

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    sae30 or 10w30 or whatever weight is recommended by the manufacture. I run a specific air cooled race oil in my air cooled engines. You can usually find it in the motorcycle section of the auto parts store. I think Kawasaki mentioned minor oil consumption in the multi formulas is normal. I say that because some auto oils are not recommended with the valve train in my Kawasaki engine. And at only have a few engines that take less than 2 quarts it's not worth trying to save a dollar at oil change time. I do run purolator or wix filters from the auto store too.
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  2. ZX12R

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    Ditto on the Mobile 1.
  3. Jcl4slc

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    Mobil 1 10w-30 for all my kawasakies.
  4. Landrus2

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    What are you paying for that race oil:waving:
    Are there any benefits. On oil filters I only use manufacture oil filters
    In my opinion all after market oil filters are not built as well.
  5. unkownfl

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    Purolators and wix filters are really good filters from a lot of sources Ive meet and read online with pictures of course. Wix would be my choice. I run motorcraft oil and filters in my personal Ford vehicles. I don't know Amsoil air cooled oil is like 5 bucks a qt i think, so I might spend 2-3 more over bargain oil on a mower. The filters are usually cheaper than what the dealer has. Most dealers put on stupid rotary aftermarkets or stens I believe here not that I've seen bad things just to me they look cheaply made. My kawasakis have flat tappets for lifters so newer auto oil isn't designed for it. Keep in mind some race oils don't have the detergents that are in regular oils.
  6. Gravely252

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    Doesnt matter if you use blended grade or straight 30. And as far as ambient temp, the blended like 10W-30 gives you more flexibility if your a homeowner like me that only changes oil once a year and uses the mower for other things and may want to run the engine below 32F/0C without concern. If you run straight 30 you should try not to run the engine below freezing.
    It has nothing to do with RPM's, also I would stick with one type so you can top off as necessary without mixing different types. Last thing, the multi viscosity oils seem to "consume" a little quicker so be sure to check quantity at least every 5 hours or even weekly.
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    Agreed with above.

    There is an interesting blurb in the Kawasaki manual that says something to the effect that the motor will comsume more oil if Multi grade oils are used and should be checked more regularly if so.

    They sort of recommend both 30W and 10-30W and both are included on the dip stick. But the widest most common range of temperatures we mostly mow grass in is still adequately covered by straight 30W according to the chart they publish in their manual. From 32 to 96 degrees.
  8. crawler tech

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    If it's over 96 degrees, neither me nor my mower will be working!:cool2:
  9. Mark Oomkes

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    Got sick of multiple weights for different engines.

    I'm going with 10W30 and changing it regularly.

    Worked in the past, pretty sure it'll work just fine now.
  10. mattymax

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    Amsoil SAE30 synthetic oil in all my kawasaki engines. All my other equipment gets Mobil 1

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