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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by HOMER, Jul 19, 2002.

  1. HOMER

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    I wonder if these numbers have an effect on anyone else. Is it just me? Is age that much of a factor or is 110 (heat index factored in) just too dang hot to be working like this. Where does everybody else draw the line? I had to put the brakes on yesterday and quit early, legs started feeling heavier and heavier.

    Tell me this happens to 20 something guys and gals too.:cry:

    Supposed to be 99 again today and God knows what the heat index is gonna be. Might be another quick day.

    Say it ain't so..........
  2. Premo Services

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    Don't feel bad, you are not alone!!!!!
    Well, I am not twenty anymore, but the heat index has been around 105 and up around here. The humidity is also rally high too.. And it is really taking its toll on my body. I feel the same way as you. I am sure the heat has to get to the younger ones also.
    I have a slogan that I must remind myself of all the time.


    I have even put it on the startup screen of my cell phone. Even with all this I still forget and try to overdo it.:eek:

    If I do this during the week, it makes for a lazy weekend.:sleeping:
  3. ProMo

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    I rearranged my schedule so most of my hedge trimming is done first in the morning and my shady lawns are in the hottest part of the day
  4. awm

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    the most significant thing i noticed as i got older,was i just couldnt handle the heat as well.im in decent shape,so it must be something thats just gonna happen.
    i wet my head down if i start feelin it come on . then find a cool drink and just take a break.
  5. ADMowing

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    It's 7:25 am and it feels like 92 degrees already! The heat index yesterday was 115 degrees. I'm 39 and my husband is 52.

    We do the same lawns on our schedule every day throughout the whole year. But, we take our time about it. Some days we get home at 7pm.

    Drinking lots of water, using lots of sunscreen, resting a lot and finishing up much later! But like I told my hubby yesterday, this is what we're getting paid for.

    And.... this where the trailer gate meets the pavement! The scrubs won't be out there too long in this weather. Equipment fails in this heat as well as people who are not aclimated to it.

    This is when our customers see our true loyalty and diligence. We do just as much quality work in this heat as any other day of the year. Also, we remind our annual paying customers about these days when they mention that we don't mow as often during the winter months. We keep everyone on a budget plan so they are paying a lower amount all year and we have an income all year. It works well both ways. But sometimes we do have to remind them of seeing us out here during these dog days of summer!

    So, to our fellow LCOs out there, keep on showing them what you've got! and be careful out there!!!

    PS: Our pest control people were at our house yesterday and had to crawl around in the sweltering attic! I felt sorry for the guy. No problems -- just annual checkup and spot treating for pests. So there are lots of jobs that require people to endure the heat. We're just one of them.
  6. ProMo

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    I thought i was hot yesterday until i saw the roofers poor guys lol
  7. wesLESCO48

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    Dont feel bad homer i was out working a couple weeks
    ago and the air went out in my work truck, i tried to tough
    it out but ended up having to stop working by 1:30.
    I was scared i was going to have a heat stroke.
    The temp had gotten up to 95 degrees but it felt
    much hotter. You just gotta love this alabama heat.
    I stopped work and went home to cool off and on
    the way home i had a tire blow out on my trailer,
    so i had to get back out in the heat to change my
    flat. When i finally got home i felt like i was going to
    pass out. It seems like when things go bad they go
    really bad. I went back out that evening with my personal
    truck, that has a working air conditioner, loaded with just my
    lawnboy push mower and my other 2 cycle equipment
    to finish my accounts. By the way i'm only 25 years old,
    but after 21 it seems like you get old real fast. I already feel
    like an old man because i just had my second back surgery on
    tuesday. i really have to commend the 35+ year old people
    out there working in this type business, I doubt i'll be able
    to continue doing this into my 40's.
  8. Brickman

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    I am 28 and just sold out, due in part to the heat. There are many other factors. I am still working with the new guy showing him how I was doing things to keep the customers happy, and the heat this week was unbearable. We were starting at 5:30 (daylight) when ever we could.
  9. SLS

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    What??? You guys have A/C in your trucks??? :eek:

    I guess maybe the lack of A/C has helped acclimate me to the heat...and I'm almost 42 years old.

    The heat doesn't get me as much as the humidity.

    Seems that I have sweated off all the impurities of my wild, younger days though. ;)

    Keep plugging away...Fall will be here before you know it.
  10. bettern'goats

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    You might try one of those things that go around your neck...Kinda like a portable air conditioner. I never thought they'd work until I tried one. It worked very well, even on a hot day.

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