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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by sanfordandsonfan, Nov 17, 2003.

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    A company here in St. Louis, is looking to hire 110 workers at $7.20 per hour. Dates are from March 1st thru December 31st. Skills required are mowing, trimming, digging, heavy lifting. This add was in Sunday's paper.
    Rough Math
    $792.00 per hour
    $6336.00 per day
    $253,440 per week
    $1,013,760.00 per month
    (Figures based on eight hour day)

    The reason I posted this, was not to impress you with big numbers. I lost a bid to this very company last season. I operate with one two man crew and my bid was $140.00 per cut on the complex. Contacted the management company about a month later and property manager told me the company I am speaking of (the one that placed the add) one the bid. Price per cut was $75.00. I felt I was bidding low, it was a job I really wanted. Who is the lowballer??????
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    These are the guys that make it up in quantity. They do so much low quality to mediocre work, but always find a market for it. There are so many people and business owners out there that just aren't that concerned in top notch quality, as they are in price, that it doesn't take that big of priority in their lives to pay that much. As long as their places are cut. There is a guy around here that does that, he hasn't been in business as long as I have, doesn't do very good quality work, yet he has SEVERAL trucks out on the road, approx. 20 employees (all Mexicans here on his H2B), houses them all in slum houses that he owns, and he plans on retiring in two years with a million bucks saved....free and clear. He's almost there! He plows an unreal amount of snow,.... so much that he subcontracts about 40 trucks a night along with all his trucks, and guess what!....Yep. He lowballs that too. Many guys can't even TOUCH these movie theatres, GM plants, and other properties he does for the price he does them for. The thing is, is that he doesn't really even MAKE any money on the snow. Why does he do it? For access to the SALT. THAT's where he makes his dough. There are two different markets...there are those who quality is important to, and they are willing to pay for it, and there are those that don't really care,... as long as it's presentable. (Industrial)
    There are those customers who when they go out to eat,....they go get a good steak, ...and there are those that end up at the coney islands all the time. Or, even more so, Taco Bell. It's quality or quantity, and I can give you just a little something to think about.....
    Contrary to what some people may believe, McDonald's.... does NOT make the best hamburger in the world!
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    Its fair to say that that company is in the process of getting H2b certified to obtain Mexican teporary workers in the spring. Part of the process of becoming H2b certified is placing a add in 2 local papers so that you can prove to the Governent that you tried to obtain U.S. workers but couldnt. Most companies will put very low wages in there adds so that they get no calls and can just go ahead with getting there foreign help. The whole process is pretty stupid......
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    Thanks for the responses. I was wondering how that process worked with the Mexican workforce. This is the first of about fifteen adds that will be placed over the next two months. I had no idea. As for the quality of work, I cant speak for your neck of the woods but around here, these guys are it. They take care of the big campus office buildings, hospitals and everything else under the sun. Properties look like a postcard twelve months out of the year. I just wish I had one of there mexicans to kill themselves for me at $7.20 per hour.
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    Runner - Nice Post - Not everyone eats Filet Mignon every nite. Some actually either have to eat hamburger because their cash flow does not allow the best in the world, or possibly because that is all they need.

    There is a place in this world for all kinds of services. If the person providing the service is happy and the person receiving the service are both happy everything is cool, whether it is HIGH DOLLAR SERVICE or LOW DOLLAR SERVICE. Obviously the high dollar will provide more than the low, but maybe, just maybe there are some that only need what the low provides.

    Thanks, Brad
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    It didtn't happen to say what company did it?
  7. sanfordandsonfan

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    Look in Sunday's Post Dispatch. As a matter of fact look in the want ads for the next month and you will be amazed at who needs twenty, thirty, two hundred employees.
  8. grassyfras

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    What company is this? We dont get the paper at my house. Sounds a little small for Top care or Brinkman.
  9. sanfordandsonfan

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    The name has slipped me. They must be out in West County or south some where. I work in the Clayton, University City area and Top Care / Brinkman and Hortsman Bros have the commercial market almost cornered. These guys dont like residential (thank god) so when I do get to bid a commercial job, my thought is they just need to get another bid before they give it to Top Care or Brinkman.
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    The company could be MS Lawncare, or Daves Lawn and Landscaping. There quit large and Daves is located in south county about 3 miles from my house.

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