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11hp billy goat leaf loader

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A fellow is selling his 11hp billy goat leaf loader. I was just looking into getting one. I have the ultra vac on my mower, but wanted to box in my pick up truck box and put a leaf loading system on. Does anyone have any comments about this particular leaf loader.
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Use the search feature at the top of this page. There was a thread on this exact topic within the last two weeks. It was the general consensus that the 16 HP is worth the extra money over the 11HP.

My apologies the thread was about a Giant Vac 11hp. Still the same idea with the HP. it can be found here:

I have the 16hp Lesco and just love it. Not sure how the 11hp would work. I earlier suggested holding out for a 16hp, but I guess that would have to depend on what kind of a deal you could get on that to share?

Here's the thread on the 11hp unit.

I picked up a used 11 horse BG at the beginning of the season, more power is nice but I have no complaints about the 11 horse. You get the hang of it and its capacity for sucking quickly. It saved me a ton in labor not to mention back aches!!!
havent got the particulars on it yet, or price, I will see what he wants and what sort of shape its in.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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