12.5 kaw or 16 hp vanguard ?

scott korczynski

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I'm picking up a Toro gear drive walk-behind with a 44'' floating deck. For an extra $100 I can move from the 12.5 kawasaki to the 16 vanguard. Any comments on either of these motors would be appreciated. What should I get? Thanx, Scott


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Scott i would stick with the kawasaki, it is a lot better built than the briggs vangaurd. Kawasakis have stood up well for us, the briggs on the otherhand, don't hold up well for commercial applications even if you get the I/C or the vangaurd. just my 2 cents Tom


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12.5 Kaw Plenty of power for 44&quot;<br>We used to run them on 52&quot; - did fine.<p>If I were buying a 52&quot; I'd probably get the 15 or 17 twin Kaw.

little green guy

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I have a 48&quot; bobcat with a 12.5 kawi, the engine is 11 years old and starts on the first pull every time (second pull in the middle of winter). It's got plenty of power. I also have a 14 hp vanguard which is about 4 years old and alot harder to start. In the winter it won't even start.


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Gotta stay with the Kawaski, nothing else compares. I've never had Briggs and Stratton that ran smooth for over two years, there's always something that goes wrong with. I'd get a Kohler any day before a B&S. They're kind of like generic pop tarts, their cheap....but just don't taste the same as Kellog's or like a Pop Tart is supposed to taste(sorry for the bad analogy).

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