12 Acre Pond Question

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    I will admit I don't have a lot of experience with ponds but have dug plenty of soupy mud and just wondering how you would stack the silt to make an island and not have it just ooze back out into the pond?
  2. 1toomanyhobbies

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    Thanks Ron, I'm glad you support the idea. If I am only moving the dirt say 30 yards, do you think using the mini and skid steer is still crazy? I know a full size hoe and dozer would be more efficient but is it a pipe dream to think I can use what I have? :dizzy:
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    My plan would be to bust the dam now in the winter and give it several months to dry out. I already set the customer's expectation that the pond would need to be drained to do the work. The bad part is the spring is the wet season so it might would take waiting till the summer to actually do the work. When I go see the customer I'll have to see what is his timeline.
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    It's possible, but your going to be there ALONG time with a mini ex and skid steer.
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    I don't have to much time to comment on this, but mud won't stack with out being withheld someway, even come summer time the top 6" might look dry but you'll still have 2' to ?? who knows how much mud.

    But to keep this simple your simply "In over your head on this one".
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    My thoughts exactly. If you removed 3 ft from the lake on average thats almost 60000 yards of material. Thats about 4000 dumptruck loads of material. :weightlifter:

    Or 70000+ buckets with a skid steer. or 280000 sccops with a mini ex. I hope your grease gun is ready!
  7. 1toomanyhobbies

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    Easy Tiger! If you read my original post I recommended either reducing the pond to 6 acres which at 3 feet deep is 9798 cubic yards or creating islands which say at 4 acres worth of island it goes to 13064.

    If I go the island option i could create several smaller ones which reduces the distance needed to move the material. After sleeping on it I agree a mini and skid steer wouldn't be the right option. However i am now wondering what if I rent a 160 to 200 excavator to get the material from the edges to several rough piles and then use the skid steer/ mini to actually create the islands. I could even wait a couple weeks in between to give the piles a chance to dry out some depending on if the material is wet at 3 feet deep.
  8. 1toomanyhobbies

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    I just realized the amounts above are for 1 foot deep, not 3. So to remove the amount of dirt would be tripple the numbers. need more coffe in the morning. :hammerhead:
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    I've done lots of work on sediment control ponds , there is no way you can do it all with a mini ex and tracked skidsteer. The mud won't take form so building the islands isn't going to work. As soon as the pond fills back up your islands will just turn back into silt and slough back into the pond. Best way is get 2 6 inch pumps, pump it down and attack it with a 20 tonne ex. Working with silt is alot different then working with dry dirt. Charge the guy by the hour and make sure you have some swamp mats .
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    Siphons are way cheaper, just my experience. free actually if you own the pipe:drinkup:

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