12 month billing in ontario


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does anybody from Ontario do or have offered yearly maintenance services,spring clean up,grass cutting,trimming,fall clean up leaves etc and snow removal winter.If you don,t what would your customers reply be ,or if you do what is their response.Also if it is seasonal how many months can you do in southern Ontario


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i've been thinking of trying this also. right now we're about 30/70 maintenance/install but looking to expand more into full service maint. I was thinking of offering a complete package - snow clearing, weekly mow and trim (18x), organic fertilizer (3x), aerating and fall clean-up for a price of 100-125/ month (3-5k lawn size). add-ons would be 10-20/ month each (eaves cleaning, overseed, topdress, hedge/shrub trim, dethatch, spring/fall window wash, re-mulch beds, etc) Of course the beauty is that you only make the sale once instead of having to do it over and over again for each service. i figure if we could get 50-60 accounts we'd be set 2 days a week in summer and focus on installs (with higher margin because we cab 'afford' not to get every job, thus higher price) 3-4 days. informal market survey has shown people like the idea of taking care of everything (external maintenance) with one contractor. only thing we're not sure is best way to market it.

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