12 month pay contracts ???


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Ok, Last year I bid and got 8 apartment complexes, all at the right price. They asked me last week to bid 3 more in town, I bid them last year and the scab that had done them the year befor got them again, for half my price, but no hedges, no weeding beds, no edging, none of the stuff they wanted to make the properties stand out. I hope you see where I'm going.
I bid everything on a 7-10 day schedual,everything the whole deal, but to help myself out I priced them on a on a 12 month payment contract. This is the first time Ive done anything like this, I took what I'd charge over a seasons time and divided it by 12.
OK Here is my question. What advice would some of you who do this give me?


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Columbus Ga
if there asking you to bid again asume that it's because they found out that they were paying to cheap for the look they wanted and ready to make the place shine ! regardless
it's another season Quote it .. if your first bid was really inline with your market fair and honest..add inflation factor to your new bid allong with a (tfwmt) charge and be happy...your maybe there wanting to see if your ready to drop your prices?STICK TO YOUR GUNS This has happened to me before and when the customer finaly came aboard he got less services and more charge than the first two times i tried.I
guess sooner or later you got to see the light.but these are just my thoughts .