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    If you had a Delavan Fatboy 7870 "demand" (not bypass) 12 volt pump which is rated at 7.0 gpm and 100 psi could you install a bypass pressure regulator? I realize this would cause the intermittent duty pump to run continuous, but aside from the overheating issue, could it be done? Hose from tank to pump inlet, then on the outlet side of the pump installing a Tee. One hose going to the reel, the other going back to the tank. On the bulkhead at the tank, a pressure regulator and gauge.

    What are the issues aside from overheating the pump that is made for intermittent duty?
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    I may not have clarified my question good enough. Other than the pump overheating, would there be any calibration issues by forcing a demand pump to run continuous by installing a pressure regulator? I think this particular pump is too big to use with a lawn gun and 1.5 gpm tip. I'm trying to keep the pump from cycling on and off too often. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    While I have never used Delavan pumps, I have successfully used Shurflo 12v pumps with a By pass regulator. I am not so sure the Shurflo demand pumps are intermittent duty. They seem to last pretty long in continuous uses.

    Calibration should be more consisted using a by pass regulator.


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    They use a 12 volt Delavan pump on z spray and they run continuous with a buy pass.

    I don't think your pump will over heat you will be fine It will work fine with a buy pass and a pressure reg

    Charles Cue
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    Thanks for the replies, both of you. I think it will work too. I'll keep you posted.
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    I run this same exact pump in both bypass mode with a regulator and intermittent duty. I have had it for 3 years and have not had a problem with it. It is great when you want to spray early in the morning and not wake up the neighborhood.
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    That's what I was wanting to hear! :drinkup:

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