12 yards of mulch on property

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Orrdc, May 10, 2012.

  1. Orrdc

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    Guy calls me, he bought 12 yards of mulch and after looking at it decided he didnt want to do the work. So he wants a charge of just dumping and spreading it. 2 yards or so an hour so I'd say 6 minimum. I was thinking 50 an hour for a total of 300. He also wants about an hour of trimming small bushes, about 2 feet tall, that are all through the beds. I told him I'd do the bushes as well for an extra 75

  2. charmill26

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    sounds good if all the prices are for you working solo
  3. cheapcuts1

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    Tell him $50/ yard , this way he is not watching the clock and speed of your work , plus you will make out better,
  4. SSmith

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    I get $65/yard here in Cincy. Trimming bushes I'd price at $100 an hour, but estimate the time it will take you and give him a flat price for that.

    You're seriously undercutting yourself on the mulch. Mulch is back breaking work. You have the guy by the gonads here. Take advantage of that.
  5. Orrdc

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    You do 65 not including the price of the mulch? Trust me I know mulch is work, I have ton a ton of 2-3 yard jobs where I deliver it. Never this big though with the mulch already their.

    I ended up quoting him 400 for all of it, the bushes will take about an hour tops and I hope to knock out the mulch quick.
    How low do you come down in cincy? I could hook you up with some work if you want it
  6. Coffeecraver

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    I charge 65.00 per yard installed. In this case I would deduct the 21.00 per yard that I pay for the mulch and charge the client 44.00 per yard.
    This of course would not cover weeding or edging this is just putting the mulch down in a prepared area.:)
  7. Orrdc

    Orrdc LawnSite Senior Member
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    After further review, I undercharged! It wasn't that bad, 400 for 5 1/2 hours work but it was a pretty long morning. Lesson learned on bigger jobs. I usually get 200 for 2 yards delivered and me paying for the mulch, was tough to figure out just spreading.

    The good news is I was in a super rich neighborhood and had 3 different people come over and get a biz card for me to do their yard, should end up bring a good money maker. Already told the next door neighbor I'd do 500 for 10 yards for them next sat
  8. Northern Woodsman

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    Man, I need to start charging more. I spent 9.5 hours pruning azaleas on a steep hillside for $140. Many, many azaleas.

    I spent 5 hours of shovel edging beds, trees etc. bought and spread the mulch. 8 hours total for that job and you don't want to know how much I undercharged for that one.
  9. Kelly's Landscaping

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    50 a yard so 600 would of been the price. Now they sometimes like to say but I had the mulch dumped for ya. Well that's nice of you but the reason I like working off our trucks instead is I can park the truck closer to where the mulch is needed and move the truck through out the job if needed. Some times one central pile or worse on on the edge of the property can add many hours to the job unnecessarily.
  10. Kelly's Landscaping

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    We all make mistakes especially in the beginning but how did you miss so badly on the pruning?

    The worse I got it was on mulch our first month we got and world class A hole the guy stood over us just inches away the entire time. And kept insisting I address his issues by the second so our best guy me was not able to work. This job I had gotten the mulch in bags I got a deal from the neighbor farm. So rather then a yard an hour per man we were doing a bag an hour per man. He was really that bad omg is that a tiny thread of mulch on that plants leaf? I kid you not we actually brought in a feather duster to deal with this clown. Then he had some green rocks around every plant he wanted them all pulled out and place on top of the new mulch only he wanted shinny side up. Trouble is its been 3 years since he sealed them and you can not tell which side is which also the prick had 100-200 rocks per plant and he had over a 100 plants. The final insult after the job takes 6-8 times longer then it should he sees I have some bagged mulch left in the truck and demands the job is discounted. Guy looked just like the actor in clear and present danger who was the information officer to the cartel. He also stiffed us on 400 dollars later that season but I still get to enjoy how a guy who out weighs me by 50 pounds still runs like a little girl away from me on his own street to this day when we do work for his neighbors :laugh::laugh:

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