125yrd Mulch bid

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by OrangeToys, Jun 12, 2010.

  1. OrangeToys

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    Yes the title is correct.

    So first question what would you charge for 125yrds?

    Next I might have a guy with a tractor and 3 others to help, how much do i add on to cover for his tractor and employees?

    I have my number for me to install the mulch, but I can't figure out what to pad for the tractor and 3 others.

    Thanks any imput is appreciated.
  2. Even Cut Lawn Care

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    Okay, heres what ya do materials + Labor + equipment = your cost then markup all these and arrive at your total price for customer.

    How much is your mulch? Thats gonna be over a truckoad more like 1 1/3 loads.

    How much are you paying the 3 other guys? all the same or different wages?

    How much are you paying the tractor owner for use of the machine?

    didnt i see your truck at John DeereLandscapes In Nixa a few weeks back?

    Do you already have a mulch supplier?
  3. OrangeToys

    OrangeToys LawnSite Bronze Member
    from SW MO
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    Well from what I can figure I am gonna have to meet with the other guy Monday sometime to see what kinda of deal he wants to make if i get it.
    I know he pays employees about $15-$20/hr (i think) and $100 to run the tractor.

    I don't know if you saw me or not. I haven't been there for a while do to lack of landscape jobs, So i have been mowing mostly. Johne Deere said they could deliver the mulch from their supplier and the guy that may help has a supplier he said.
  4. OrangeToys

    OrangeToys LawnSite Bronze Member
    from SW MO
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    How would you present this job to the customer in writting? Should I write out a page letter stating what is being done or what?
  5. South Florida Lawns

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    I first figure out my materials cost and just dbl it. So if I get mulch for $24 a yard and 125 yrds is $3000 then I take my materials and double it and that's my final cost. I would wright out what that all includes in the estimate and break it down for the customer.

    Also make sure you ask for a deposit on materials, that way you don't get screwed.
  6. ajslands

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    10000 grand total!
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  7. Mark Oomkes

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    Are you bidding against anyone else?

    Any idea about what the going rate is in your area?

    Brilliant as always.

    What if the going rate in his area is $40\yard?

    What if it's $100\yard?

    What if his costs for material and labor are $80\yd?

    What if his costs are $20 per yard?

    Ignorant answer as usual aj.

    Do you have any mulch blowing companies in your area? I wouldn't even contemplate spreading 125 yds by hand. I have a sub that all I have to do is make a call, give him the details, he sends me an invoice, I send the customer an invoice and I can make close to 40% on the work without touching a pitchfork or rake.
  8. beegreenlandcare

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    Sub It!!!!! Its pretty plain and Obvious (to me at least) that you are simply NOT set-Up to do the job.
    Many of these guys who have blowers are just starting up and their mrk-up is NOt that bad. Try finding a sub, you can still make money and (as mentioned) not have to bust YOUR a$$!
  9. SuperDuty335

    SuperDuty335 LawnSite Member
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    125 yds isn't that much to handle if you have 4+ guys and you can get reasonably close to the beds, etc. With 4 guys you can have it finished in 2 days.
  10. Glenn Lawn Care

    Glenn Lawn Care LawnSite Silver Member
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    thats a nice sized job. i wish i had just one of those!

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