13 Year Olds Work and Equipment

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by Aura Lawns, Oct 21, 2013.

  1. Aura Lawns

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    Thanks guys, I think the Polo's look more professional. Any other feedback is appreciated!

  2. Thomas Lawn Care

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    They do but having a cotton collar around your neck working when its 90+ degrees isnt worth it. Polo's get just as dirty as any Glidden or Hanes will. Not to mention they typically are made of thicker materials.

    For for sales a Polo is nice. No need to over dress. Most homeowners could care less what you look like once your hired and they know you... that is unless your in short shorts with no shirt with a beer belly hanging out looking creepy checking out the daughter who is laying around the pool or tanking a leak next to fido's tree shaking it more then 3 times.
  3. integrityman

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    No insurance?
    Vendors license?

    Don't neglect your own professional development. Lawns are all about biology. Read, understand and apply.
  4. Ethan51

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    Looks great man! Yeah, like everyone has said, don't be embarrassed about your equipment. You have a nicer 21" and a nicer backpack blower than me! I would say look for a belt drive walk behind, be that Exmark Metro, Scag, or Encore. They will be much cheaper to maintain, much cheaper to buy, and you will likely be able to buy one outright, instead of taking on payments.

    Once again, nice setup and nice work! Keep it up!
  5. deerewashed

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    he is 13, he cant get any of that.
  6. Ethan51

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    I got insurance under my parents name when I was 14. It's something he needs, and as long as you make over the minimum amount for self-employment taxes, you have to pay.
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  7. PLS-EC

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    I started a lawn care operation when I was 16. I sold it last spring when I was 25. I paid my way through college and my wife also. We now own a very nice home and are completely debt-free. Advice for someone starting out:

    1. Focus hard on building a "brand", not just breaking your back accomplishing a bunch of work. If you don't have it already, come up with a professional name. Pay a graphic designer a couple hundred bucks and get a professional logo design.
    2. Treat every job like it your biggest.
    3. Draw up a good business plan in the off-season. It doesn't need to be anything fancy, but spend some time with it and think every aspect of your business through before the season starts. Have an older businessman review it and give you feedback.
    4. Read "Entreleadership", by Dave Ramsey. Tons of great advise on many different aspects of running a successful business.
    5. Don't spend a bunch of money on a fancy truck(s). Put your money into your mowers, aeration/seeding and other equipment that makes you money. The backbone of my business was a couple of $4k trucks that were dependable and professional looking but nothing fancy.

    6. Hire good employees and pay them well.

    Sorry for rambling on, I just like seeing young guys with ambition. If you want more advise I'd be happy to share.
  8. Scagman 48

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    i was in the same boat when i was 13 (im 16 now) used riders/walk behinds are a good way to start you can pick up a decent looking belt drive for 300-1000 depending on budget and can clean it up nicely to make it work for you. As far as advertising tip toe around it. shirts can be made your self go to a crafts store like Michaels and get cheesy iron ons you make out of an ink jet printer and put on a couple walmart sale shirts. Save a good 300 bucks. Best ways to market at a young age is do ABOVE and BEYOND work it WILL get noticed and people will stop you for a card. Flyers are a waste of time because every other landscaper is mailing them out at the same time and the crappy looking flyers always get tossed and the glossy direct mailers get noticed. Send me a PM anytime glad to help!
  9. mclarke

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    I know I am a bit late with the reply, but I feel this should be said. I learned this from photography- its not about the high tech or low tech camera, its about the person behind it.

    The same can be said in landscape. Sure, nice equipment makes the job easier but even with residential/homeowner equipment you can do AMAZING things. Its all about the person behind it.
  10. integrityman

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    He can and should get insurance and pay taxes.......

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